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Matt Hopper and the Roman Candles with Escape Wheel
Micky and the Motorcars, Muzzie and Billy Braun, House of Hoi Polloi
More (350)...After a food-laden Thanksgiving and a long day at the office on Friday, the invitation for a cold beer and some cool music at Terrapin Station was an easy one to accept. So, around 9 p.m., a friend and I headed over to hear locals Middle Income Household Band and honorary locals Frame of Mind.

MIHB took to the stage and dove right in to an hour-long set of groove-able jam music. With a handful of covers like Stevie Wonders' "Supersition" and two handfuls of originals, their music has a groovy, laid back base layered with long instrumentals and solos. They play the kind of music that's easy to dance to, or just let float around in the background. After MIHB's set, Frame of Mind hit it hard and took the party to another level. By the time FOM hit their second song (which, as is often true with jam bands, was only about 20 minutes in to their set), there was standing room only in the bar. FOM's gospel-like keys are a unique complement to their jazzy/psychedelic/funk sound complete with sax riffs and (Ian Anderson fans rejoice) flute. FOM uses a myriad of percussion sounds and the beats kept the constant influx of revelers dancing, swaying and bouncing long after, I'm sure, I headed home. Keep an eye on the BW live music guide for show listings (MIHB will be back at Terrapin in December and FOM will be back with a handful of Idaho shows in January) and check out FOM's music out at and MIHB's at
- Boise Weekly

by Dave Terpeny
in Music, Editorial, New Tunes, Under The Radar (December 31, 2006)

This time around Under the Radar we’ve stumbled upon a few buried gems for your listening pleasure. Our Editor’s Pick, the jazz fusion rock of Choose to Find (album cover to left), is sure to drop your jaw, while Frame of Mind from the great Northwest throws together some very tasty nuggets.

Frame of Mind
Catch It Try

This Northwest band’s third album, Catch it Try, is an interesting grab bag of 13 tunes, all of which provide ample evidence that Josh Scott (vocals, harmonica, sax, flute, keys), Obie Scott (vocals, guitars), Nimai Pickup (vocals, bass) and Ryan Russell (vocals, drums, percussion) are talented performers. Especially noteworthy are the fluid sounds of Obie Scott’s very animated guitar riffs and solos.

Song-wise, however, they move between genres somewhat clumsily, ranging from the free-spirited rock and roll of “The Good Life” through the moody jazzy vibe of the title track, the campfire vibe of “Thinking of You” and the funky soul of “Want Love” with a middling’ rap lyric. 10 of the 13 songs that make up this collection and, depending on how you groove, you’re bound to like a third of those.

But, more importantly, there is a gem buried in the middle of this album. A three-song set consisting of “Thinking Aloud in a Circle > Space > Something More Intense”, it makes up nearly 30 minutes of the discs one hour + length. And it does so transcendently. I can’t speak informatively as to how the trio was recorded but the vibrant jamming; moody bridges, eclectic jazzy rhythms and powerful speaker-crackling outro have a live and anticipative feel to them. This set alone makes the album worth it.

It also makes me very interested in hearing these guys live. They have given approval to (in December 2006) but no shows have appeared yet, unfortunately. “Thinking…> Space > …Intense” also gives me hope with regards to the rest of the album. If these guys can create music that’s so dominantly enigmatic and abstruse then they can certainly overcome the somewhat disjointed nature of the standard song selection.
- KyndMusic / RightAction

From the instant the four-member, Frame of Mind began jamming, the crowd at Tom Grainey’s Sporting Pub had trouble staying in their seats Saturday night.

The multi-talented band members play an array of instruments, including electric and bass guitars, the harmonica, keyboard, flute, saxophone, drums, percussion, and the didgeridoo, a long wooden pipe that is believed to be the world’s oldest wind instrument. The myriad of instruments allowed the band to weave both eclectic cover songs and their original work with improv instrumentals.

These instrumental riffs lasted anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes depending on the vibe of the venue. Band member Obie Scott described them as "kind of like a modern day classic rock band."

The band originally surfaced in Southern California but now resides in McCall because the city is centrally located to accommodate their Northwest touring circuit. They have been together and playing two to four times a week non-stop for about five years. Having spent this much time together provides a comfort level for the band to spontaneously change up songs and "wing it" because they trust one another. Their favorite venue is John’s Alley in Moscow because they have a strong fan following there. They also love the big stage and PA system that complies with their many instruments.

The band’s largest accomplishment to date occurred in mid-October of this year when they played in the VooDoo Festival in New Orleans. A Frame of Mind stage, which the band sponsored, was set up next to the main stage where Kid Rock and the Beastie Boys performed.

Despite upstart success, the band remains humble. Whether delivering a bluegrass version of Pink Floyd’s "Wish You Were Here" or exposing the audience to an original piece, the band was high off the music they created on Saturday.

The energy was contagious. Space on the dance floor grew smaller as the crowd of 21-35-year-olds sang along to Sublime tunes and shook what their mamas gave them. Between sipping cocktails and grooving on the dance floor, the crowd definitely got their money’s worth from the $3 cover charge.

Between sets, the often labeled "jam band" threw back a few beers while mingling with flirtatious fans. They modestly thanked the crowd for their participation and willingly took requests.

Frame of Mind is currently recording an acoustic compilation titled "Fireside," but their latest CD, "Good Medicine," is available for $10 at any performance and on their Web site: You can also find tour dates on the Web site, including information about their upcoming show at Tom Grainey’s on Dec. 30.
- The Arbiter

Popular McCall rock band to leave on extended tour. By Ben Salmon

McCall’s best known rock band, Frame Of Mind, will head out on an indefinite tour soon with plans to live in a bus for the next couple years, multi-instrumentalist Josh Scott said Monday.

The band, originally from San Clemente, Calif., has called McCall home for at least three years. The four members are Scott, bassist Nimai Pickup, drummer Ryan Russell and Scott’s older brother Obidiah “Obie” Scott.

Over the last few years Frame Of Mind has played dozens of shows around Valley County at places such as Tamarack Resort, Crusty’s Pizza and Common Ground Café. The band’s funky bass lines and rhythmic grooves have become a common feature of local benefits and events.

Frame Of Mind to McCall in late 2002 to get away from a tired Southern California music scene and to focus on recording their eclectic rock music.The band play a Jam-oriented brand of music and counts well-known jam bands Phish and Widespread Panic as influences.

Now, Scott said band members want to focus on promoting Frame Of Mind by doing what they do best – playing energetic live shows. “We’re moving in to a bus and we’re just going to cruise around fro the next year or two,” Scott said. “We’ve been here for three years and put out three albums, and we’re ready to just get out there and spread the love around.”

Scott said the addition of Russell “pushed” the band to new heights and prompted the quartet to give life on the road a shot. So did a recent tour through Colorado, witch saw the band playing to large crowds and selling out all of it’s albums with in days, Scott said.

“We’ll be back for sure. We’ll tour through McCall a lot,” Scott said. “We just won’t be based here anymore. The decision to hit the road is a little bittersweet,” Scott said.

“We love this place. A lot of our inspiration was born here,” he said. “All the people have been amazing, and we’ll always remember our time here….”

To see the whole story with photo copy and paste link below to your address bar: - The Star News

Band puts Alley crowd in a different Frame of Mind

By Jon Ross
Arts & Culture Editor

According to Obie Scott, guitarist for the band Frame of Mind, climate is not the only difference between California and Southern Idaho.

“People in California are a bit inhibited,” he said. “People here are a little more open minded.”

Scott cites this as a reason the band moved to Idaho after three years in the Golden State.

“Some people might want to judge our music by something they have just heard, and that’s wrong,” he said.

In Scott’s hometown of San Clemente, Calif., the band played a variety of clubs and went through a drummer or two. After playing around town for a while, the musicians quit their jobs and moved to Sun Valley. A two-year tour soon followed.

“We finally got a group of people together that were ready to venture on,” Scott said.

Because Frame of Mind is not a straight-up genre group, a more accepting audience is needed in order for performances to go over well, he said.

“We’re different. We play rock ‘n’ roll basically, but it’s more branched out,” Scott said. “We’re kind of a jam band; some people would call us that.”

Upon searching his brain for more descriptive terms, Scott honed in on a working definition for the band. Frame of Mind plays “eclectic rock ‘n’ roll with the occasional improvisational interlude,” he said. “We try not to make each song sound the same.”

This summation fits the band well. The group’s Jan. 7 gig at John’s Alley was full of loosely structured songs pushed forward by genre manipulation. Lyrics served as a backdrop to improvisational excavation. The band’s musicality was not about showing off, but about establishing a mood.

This exploration was anchored by Scott’s guitar and brother Josh’s multi-instrumentalism. Most adept on the harmonica, Josh also played keyboards, flute and an electronically manipulated alto saxophone. Rounding out the band are drummer Ryan Russell, who shoulders hand percussion duties as well as kit work, and Niami Pickup on bass.

The band draws its inspiration from groups like Phish, Widespread Panic and The Grateful Dead – groups that made a living sporting long hair and appealing to uninhibited crowds. All members of the group sing, although Josh and his brother are the main vocalists.

“We love to hone in on our harmonies,” Scott said.

Scott’s start with music was a bit unorthodox. His brother had already started a band and convinced Scott to learn guitar. “I wasn’t even a musician at the time,” Scott said.

Musicality aside, Josh had faith that Scott would come through. “He knows that I learn things fast,” Scott said.

After Scott was enlisted on guitar, Frame of Mind was formed. Down the road, drummer problems led the group to Russell. “He’s taken us to the next level,” Scott said.

The members of Frame of Mind are currently concentrating on recreating the band’s live sound in the studio, with the ultimate goal of recording a few times a year and touring for the remainder. To better achieve this dream, the artists moved in together and built a recording studio in the house.

“We’re trying to trap our live sound in recording,” Scott said. Scott doesn’t think the band accomplished that feat with its previous two records but is hoping for better results next time. The group’s current album, “Good Medicine,” is out now and an acoustic album, “Acoustic,” will be released shortly. - The University of Idaho Argonaut

Posted: 6/27/2006

If you enjoy eclectic music with high energy, then come down to the Great Basin Brewing, Co. this Thursday to experience Frame of Mind.
"We like the idea that you change your frame of mind with a variety of music," said band member Obie Scott.
Frame of Mind was booked for a farmer's market performance by the eatery's Paul Ganzer, who had seen the group perform at several Sparks-Reno venues. "We are hoping to announce ourselves to the local area, start spreading our name and meeting new people," said Obie Scott, co-founder of the band. The four-member band , which includes Scott's brother
Josh, Nimai Pickup and Ryan Russell, blends the eclectic with the mainstream to acheive unique sounds that juxtapose jazz, funk, classic rock, psychedelic rhythms and many other tunes, Obie Scott said.
Band members said they are heavily influenced by classic bands such as The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Santana. Band members combine their love for travel, people and music with their song writing and vocals. Additionally, different instruments such as keyboard, harmonica, saxophone, guitar, bass and drums used during performances are sure to attract an audience from all walks of life.
"We are not in your face," said Obie Scott, 33. "We like to blend music and try to play nonstop."
The myriad of flavors the band brews for music lovers is evidenced by original songs such as "The Good Life" from their 2006 "Catch it Try" CD, with its psychedelic lyrics and jazz essence.
"You might think I'm easy but I'm free "» Life is fine, don't you agree "» Smoke the green occasionally," are some of the phrases that intertwine with heavy saxophone melodies in the song.
Brothers, Josh and Obie Scott of San Clemente, Calif. formed Frame of Mind more than 5 years ago as a traveling band.
"My brother inspired me to get into music," said Obie Scott, who had never played an instrument prior to forming the band."He and I have got into everything together."
Frame of Mind evolved into an established band of dedicated musicians after working with several other band members throughout the years. In fact, the group's name is the result of the ejection of a past member, "because they weren't in the right frame of mind," Obie Scott said.
Obie Scott said the band's biggest challenge is promoting themselves."Everything else seems easy," Obie Scott said. "Especially in the jam band scene, big bands that have made it (to success) took about 10 years to get known. It is just going to take time but once you are in -- you travel all over the United States and all over the world."
Perhaps their 2004 song "Atmosphere of Circumstance" from their "Good Medicine" CD says it best.
"When the atmosphere of circumstance is bringing you down and the gravity of this life is holding you onto the ground. You got to stay strong, look up and keep a positive view 'cause what you love to do in this life is what you were born to do."
- Reno Gazette Journal 6/27/06

Due to an incredible response from fans across the country to ‘ . . . live The Good Life . . . ’ Sirius Radio Jam_On Ch.17 has decided to add a second track into their full time rotation of air play. A live recording of It’s All Good from John’s Alley in Moscow, Idaho, which clocks in at more than 12 minutes, will soon be flying its way through space directly to your brain. Buddy Cage, Jam_On DJ and guitarist for New Riders of the Purple Sage explains why on air, “It’s due to overwhelmingly intense positive feedback.”

The first track of Frame of Mind’s to make it onto Jam_On was The Good Life, which is the opening track to their newest electric studio release Catch It Try (available at,, & Interweaving catchy lyrics with unstoppable rhythms The Good Life hits a high note in everyone’s heart and kept fans, old & new, wanting more Frame of Mind. Program Director for Jam_On also said, “Once I heard Frame of Mind, there was no way I couldn’t put them into rotation right away.”

To call and request Frame of Mind on Sirius Radio Jam_On Ch.17 or just contact Jam_On in general, feel free to call 1.877.33-SIRIUS and dial 17.

For More Information Contact:

Nick Catanella III - Management

And also . . . - Press Release (FOM Managment)

They're back ... and they have reinforcements.

Frame of Mind may be based in Reno these days, but their hearts are still in Tahoe, and they return to their roots here as often as possible. Having bounced around from the beaches of Southern California to the mountains of Colorado and central Idaho, they know a good thing when they see it.

The freestyle rock band will play at Rojo's on Friday at 9 p.m. The cover charge is $5.

But this is a slightly different Frame of Mind than you might be used to. They have two new members -- Ben "Sy" Bodine on drum kit and Cody Lee Adoms on percussion.

"Yes, we have changed drummers again," band publicist Nick Catanella said. "Fletch wasn't able to stay with us for the wild ride this summer. Sy fits the part; not only an amazing drummer but a smart and sober guy. Sy was also the former drummer for Organic Flood out of Nevada City, and also handled their business work, so we have seen that he does a good job all around."

Adoms is a veteran of the Reno music scene, whjere he still lives.

Born six years ago in Southern California, Frame of Mind immediately hit the road and stayed there for 2 1/2 years.

"We played the Western states, basically living out of a Suburban van," Scott said. "Then we landed in Idaho and lived there for about three years, but continuing to tour. We recorded three albums during that time."

Then the band took flight once again, alighting in Tahoe this past October.

"We found a nice economical place to live in the midst of a great music scene," Scott said. "So we made this our base. I lived in Tahoe in my high school years (Scott's an Incline High graduate) and have fond memories. Plus this is where I started snowboarding."

Both Obie Scott and his brother were professional snowboarders in the early- to mid-1990s, until they decided that music might be a safer way to make a living.

"We began seeing a lot of broken bones and other injuries, and decided that you can't snowboard forever," Obie said. "So my brother and I both picked up guitars."

They've built quite a name for themselves in a short period. Frame of Mind has played more than 250 shows a year for the past five years, building a reputation as one of the must-see traveling rock bands. They fuse a variety of styles, including funk, rock, reggae, Latin, fusion, psychedelic and blues.

"We kind of run the gamut, but we put our own spin on it," Scott said. "We draw from a lot of influences, but we have our own style. Call it energetic. You'll want to dance, but it's more than that."

Frame of Mind has shared the stage with Galactic at Caesar's Showroom (now MontBleu) at the South Shore, and has also opened for Widespread Panic. They've played with Soulive, Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons, Umphrey's McGee, New Monsoon, Young Dubliner's and Delta Nove & the North Mississippi All-Stars. JamBase's Best of 2006 listed Frame of Mind as the No. 5 Road Warriors band with the most shows.

Their latest album, "Catch It Try," was released in March 2006, and is available at,, and at They are working on a new album that should be out by the first of the year.
- Tahoe Daily Tribune 8/31/07


Lp- Good Medicine, 2004
Lp- Acoustic, 2005
Lp- Catch It Try, 2006
Lp - The Hour At Hand, 2008

Frame of Mind is currently being played in full rotation on National Satellite Radio. Both Sirius Satellite Radio's Jam_On Ch.17 and seperate rock channels on XM Satellite Radio. FOM can also be heard on's Cold Turkey Pod Casts & Relix Magazine's August '06 CD compilation distributed internationally, internet radio, Honest Tunes Radio.
Active local interview and airplay: KTKE, KTHX, KDVS, KHUM, KMUD, KMVR, KXUA
Television: RSN TV 12, Fox Reno
FOM tracks both studio and live available to sample through FOM's official website, and many other Physical Distributors & 43 Music Download Services across the Internet.

Live Recordings available at Archive / E Tree:



Emerging from the beaches of Southern California in 2001, Frame Of Mind took to the road playing more than 200 shows a year throughout the great Northwest for the past eight years. The band has once again returned to Southern California in their continued pursuit of happiness through music and surfing. Interweaving epic songwriting with improvisational exploration, catchy melodies, groovy rhythms, thoughtful lyrics and skilled instrumentaion. FOM's eclectic sound is best appreciated in their extended musical excursions that highlight the very essence of live music. This talented band is quickly climbing the list of must see modern day rock bands. Their music is enjoyed by a wide variey of people. Their love of traveling, meeting new people and seeing new places, along with their dedication to music are reasons why the band has been successful and able to endure the test of time. Frame Of Mind is a band not to be missed.

News & Updates:
Frame Of Mind has accomplished many goals in the past eight years, some of which include regular airplay of their album “Catch It Try” on Sirius satellite and XM satellite radio stations as well as many radio stations across the west. FOM has received recognition from Relix Magazine, including being featured on their CD sampler, which comes with every magazine they publish and is circulated nationally. The band made runner up for Relix Magazines “Jam Off” contest. The band also took 1st place in Relix Magazine’s E.P.K. (electronic press kit) contest, which they received remarks for best functionality and best appearance. FOM hit the top 10 list on’s most gigs in one year for 2006 & 2007.

Description of music:
Infusing elements from a wide variety of styles including: funk, rock, reggae, Latin, fusion, psychedelic, blues, and more, this all makes for a danceable live music experience that is widely dynamic, diverse and enjoyable.

Drawing inspiration from classic bands such as: Bob Marley, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Herbie Hancock, The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers and Santana; and contemporary artists like: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blues Traveler, Jane’s Addiction, Sublime, Manu Caio, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Widespread Panic, and many more.

Frame Of Mind has played a large number of places over the years. Here is a partial list:

Galaxy Theater – Costa Mesa, CA
Coach House – San Juan Capistrano, CA
Truckee Amphitheater – Truckee, CA
River Ranch – Tahoe City, CA
Moe’s Alley – Santa Cruz, CA
The Joint – Hollywood, CA
La Salles – Chico, CA
Sherwin’s – Mammoth, CA
Frog & Peach – S.L.O., CA
Boom Boom Room, San Francisco, CA
Tug Boat – Steamboat Springs, CO
Las Montana’s – Telluride, CO
Trilogy Lounge – Boulder, CO
The Blue Door – Snowmass, CO
Quixote’s – Denver, CO
Starlight – Fort Collins, CO
Dark Horse – Boulder, CO
Half Moon Saloon – Vail, CO
The Eldo – Crested Butte, CO
Double Diamond – Aspen, CO
The Big Easy – Boise, ID
Terrapin Station – Boise, ID
John’s Alley – Moscow, ID
Knotty Pine – Victor, ID
Whiskey Jacques – Ketchum, ID
Common Ground – McCall, ID
Flannigan’s – Whitefish, MT
Top Hat – Missoula, MT
Caesar’s Tahoe – Stateline, NV
Crystal Bay Club - Crystal Bay, NV
Great Basin Brewery – Sparks, NV
Bitter End Pub – Portland, OR
River City Saloon – Hood River, OR
Lucky’s Lounge – Eugene, OR
Harry O’s – Park City, UT
White Owl – Logan, UT
Zephyr Club – S.L.C., UT
Mangy Moose – Jackson Hole, WY
Trap Bar – Grand Targhee, WY
and many more…

Voodoo Festival – New Orleans, LA
Jerry Fest – Sandpoint, ID
Portland Hemp Stalk – Portland, OR
San Clemente Street Fair, San Clemente, CA
Santa Barter Fair – Santa, ID
Moscow Hemp Festival, Moscow, ID
Moscow Ren. Fair – Moscow, ID
Eagle Island Experience Festival – Boise, ID
Roseberry Folk Festival – Roseberry, ID
Spring Fling Festival – Boise, ID
Sparks Farmers Market Street Fair – Sparks, NV
Corn Stalk – Dunnel, MN
Squaw Valley Earth Day Festival – Squaw Valley, CA
Earth Dance Festival – Markliville , CA

Here is a partial list of bands that FOM has played shows with:
Hot Tuna
Umphrey’s McGee
Levon Helm Band
New Monsoon
Young Dubliner’s
John Brown’s Body
North Mississippi Allstars
Eric McFadden Trio
Gov’t Mule
Greyboy Allstars
That One Guy
Sol Jibe
Delta Nove
The Wailers
Dirty Dozen Brass
The Doobie Brothers
The Mother Hips
Rocco Delucca
Jerry Joseph
B Side Players
Grandpa’s Grass
Blue Turtle Seduction
Native Root
Tony Furtado
The Hudson’s
Mama’s Cookin