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Frances Luke Accord

Chicago, IL | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Chicago, IL | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Duo Folk Indie




"The Music Ninja - Fluke Album Premier"

There’s something about the warming temperatures hinting at the edges of summer that beckon us to go out and track down some of the most endearing indie folk tunes we can find. Maybe it’s the thought of mountain adventures, adorned with a backpack weighed down with the essentials. Maybe it’s fondly recalling late-night, lakeside campfire memories where the only things that matter are a circle of good friends and a bottle of quality whiskey. Whatever it is, it always happens around this time of year, and thankfully, Frances Luke Accord is here to satisfy that itch.

Made up of Brian Powers and Nicholas Gunty, this Windy City duo has an Americana-rich charm that’s simply irresistible, especially when both members pair up for one of their pitch-perfect vocal harmonies. At times, their modern folk interpretations remind us of Iron & Wine, at times they call on nostalgic associations of Simon & Garfunkle, and we also can’t help but shake hearing Hunter Hunted, especially with those harmonies we mentioned earlier.

We have to start by covering one of the most interesting origin stories we’ve heard, which comes from one of the oldest songs in the group’s repertoire. “Nowhere To Be found” was actually originally recorded in Kkindu Village, Uganda during their senior year at the University of Nortre Dame. When Powers and Gunty were putting together the Fluke, they revisited it once more and decided to include it.

We decided to re-record it for Fluke because we wanted an optimistic voice (both sonically and narratively speaking) to contrast the more sober corners of the album. We feel that this version also reflects our growth as performers and producers since our first release.
Beyond that, it’s honestly difficult to highlight other songs to talk about for one simple reason – they’re all so damn good. Take “Tangled In Your Web,” which takes a slight departure from other offerings, showcasing their ability to hone in on classic rock sensibilities. While the essence of their sound is still very much in tact, the calculated guitar riffs give it an edge that other tracks don’t have. Conversely, tracks like “Who Do You Run From” showcase the frolicking, playful folk nature that’s perfect for that soon-to-be sunshiney weather.

As a collective experience, it’s truly one that’s worthy of a start-to-finish session. With that in mind, we won’t keep you from it any longer. - The Music Ninja

"Ear to the Ground - Fluke Album Review"

Frances Luke Accord released their album “Fluke” this past May and you should really know about it. While the album title might suggest otherwise, “Fluke” is a collection of careful, hauntingly thoughtful songs that are sure to pierce little holes of light into a world that has grown heavy with fear, information overload and tronald dumps. The album begins with “Who Do You Run From”, a soft entry of tightly woven harmony and shimmering atmospheric guitars. Brian Powers and Nicholas Gunty’s natural vocal quality immediately comes across as honest – conveying heart-felt revelations and observations. Syncopation of the vocals picks up and before you know it, you’ll be nodding your head to an a capella arrangement (not something that happens everyday), which makes the instrumental entrance all the more satisfying about a minute and a half in. Unexpected chord changes and playful reversals in melody are reminiscent (at moments) of Chris Thile, the Bowerbirds, or Animal Collective.

The foot tapping doesn’t stop with the second track “Something Moving” but instead, intensifies. The pacing is that of a man on a mission and the rich tapestry of violin plucks and guitar plops weave together and color whatever scene at which you’re looking into an expansive panorama. I’m talking cinematic, people. Stories unfold to songs like this.

It doesn’t stop there. This album is able to snowball momentum throughout all 10 tracks in a way that feels effortless. The sixth track of the album “The Nightline” features an environmental backdrop to an exotic string melody, evoking a sort of haunted mysticism in the midst of a train platform. The standout track of the album, “On the Road” is a pitch-perfect, spot-on, mirror reflection of the magic that is to be found on a midnight drive to the edge of the world. Cosmically explorative in one moment, home-grown pickin’ parlour in the next, this is the sort of song Aurora Borealis might sing back to earth – dancing greens and blues, echoing the caverns of our human experience.

As I listen through the album, I’m struck by how different each song feels, though the tracks have been masterfully arranged into a cohesive perspective that becomes a sort of musical mosaic by the end. Lyrics like “I love to wonder why/ I feel l’m left with only my disguise” capture the existential search inherent to millennial awareness.

“Fluke” is peppered with tasty a capella arrangements, incorporates jazz moments, field recordings and what feels like east African inspired rhythm and guitar statements – all of this is impressively fluid and you know what, friends? That is no fluke. To wrap up: this is refreshingly smart folk music that feels like a sunrise, or the cold shower you didn’t know you needed. It smells like lilac bushes and leather, tastes like a crisp amber ale. I’m not going to apologize for gushing. Instead, I’ll just implore you to listen for yourself. - Siri Undline

"WXRT, Chicago"

"People should hear this music and say this is something I want to hear more of and know more about. This is not foreign music - this is music that's got a precedent set many years ago. And when you hear somebody do it this well, you kind of just have to pay attention to it." - Richard Milne

"Frances Luke Accord - live performance review"

"While Simon & Garfunkel may be no longer touring, Powers and Gunty are more than talented enough to take their place." - Quinn Delaney, Playlist HQ

"Frances Luke Accord - live performance review"

"Frances Luke Accord gave a stunning show. They are consummate musicians, with an endearingly charismatic stage presence. Their songwriting ranges from ethereal soundscapes to engaging pop folk, all performed with unerring, sensitive and expressive vocals. One never looks at the clock during their performance. In fact, time seemed to speed by with our audience crying out for not one but two encores! Like fine wine, this duo is only going to improve with age. Don’t miss the chance to catch them on their rise up." - Sandra Thompson & Sam Tuthill, Acorn Theater

"NPR's Mountain Stage"

"Frances Luke Accord are the definition of lean-in music." -


Still working on that hot first release.



Frances Luke Accord are the definition of lean-in music." - Joni Deutsch, NPR's Mountain Stage

"An Americana-rich charm that’s simply irresistible" - Clayton Warwick, The Music Ninja

"While Simon & Garfunkel may be no longer touring, Powers and Gunty are more than talented enough to take their place." -Quinn Delaney, PlaylistHQ

Frances Luke Accord are an independent Chicago-based duo hailing originally from South Bend, Indiana. Both dedicated multi-instrumentalists and meticulous songwriters, Nicholas Gunty and Brian Powers distinguish their music with genre fluidity, buttery harmonies and acoustic ensembles. Although prevailingly a modern folk band, FLA sip copious inspiration from Americana, jazz, soul, and rock.

Since forming during their senior year at the University of Notre Dame, Frances Luke Accord's approach to music has marked a boundless evolution. In December of 2012 the duo released their first record, Kandote, a not-for-profit, intercultural collaboration with the Barefoot Truth Children’s Choir of Kkindu, Uganda — an endeavor that continues to support the primary education and musical aspirations of the choir. Bringing their world/folk sound to Chicago in the summer of 2013, the duo quickly garnered local and regional attention for their captivating live performances and stunning self-produced releases, including the Queen for Me EP (April 2014), Live @ Strobe (April 2015), and, most notably, their debut full-length album, Fluke (May 2016).

Fluke, FLA's psuedo-self-titled introduction to a national audience, is a self-produced vocal tour-de-force that leaps quickly and definitively into the canopy of contemporary art. It is dreamlike and philosophical, haunting and whimsical. Its melodies evoke a noir film, a Spanish folktale, an enigmatic egoeye. However you pin it, something in the music is turning heads. Whether evidenced by their invitation to perform on NPR's Mountain Stage Radio Show with Larry Groce, national tour with Darlingside, official showcase at Folk Alliance International's 2017 Conference, or the $16K Kickstarter that funded Fluke, Frances Luke Accord's compositions take the listener by the ear, pull the rug from beneath her feet, and leave her deliciously airborne. Listen.

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