Frances Ancheta

Frances Ancheta

 San Francisco, California, USA

"Tropical new wave folk". Mellow and fresh acoustic music driven by folk, new wave, modern rock, and world sounds.


I'm an Asian American (Filipina) singer songwriter who grew up in San Francisco, California. Growing up in a multi-cultural environment, the styles that have influenced me are 80s British new wave/alternative rock, 60s and 70s folk styles and singer songwriters, world music from tropical countries (Latin, reggae, Hawaiian styles), old standards, and classical/fingerstyle guitar. I've performed at many cafes, festivals, galleries, and events in the SF Bay Area. My music is mellow yet surprising at the same time.


Coming Home

Written By: Frances Ancheta Becker

Tell me something
I hope you can say
Did you think of me
When I was away

Tell me something
I hope you can hear
Though I was far away
I whispered in your ear

And I feel this way
And I feel this way
And I feel this way
You know I'm coming home to you

Tell me something
Did you know that I
Have waited for this moment
To hear you sigh

And tell me something
I hope you can show
Now that I'm back again
Could we ever grow


Where did all the time go
In between us now
Do you even remember
Where we stand
Where did all the happiness go
Before we went away
Can we get that all back
Or someday soon, can we say

Chorus (repeated till end)

Nothing Really Matters

Written By: Frances Ancheta Becker

You want to walk with me
You said there's nothing you were after
You want to talk with me
And now you say you're feeling better

And then it started
And now we're here
Each other we offer
And nothing really matters

You want to be with me
Your search has led you to another
You want to try with me
To try with me to feel the laughter


You so want what I can give
And you so want what I can share
Take me in your arms and tell me I'm the one
Who you want to give you want you need
Who you want to feel the joy inside you now

Chorus (repeated until the end)

On and On and On

Written By: Frances Ancheta Becker

They say that love's not about being played
But why do I feel this way
They say that love's not about getting laid
But why don't they ever stay

I promised to you I would be true
Never knew that I would ever lie to you

I don't want it to go on and on and on and on and on and on and on
I don't want it to go on and on and on and on and on and on and on

They say that life's not trying to hide the feelings you feel inside
They say that the things within your mind can challenge your foolish pride

Where are the lessons to be told
Of a love that we could no longer hold


And will you be a better person for knowing me
And will I be a better person for knowing you
Will we ever know the difference between what is wrong and right
Will we know what life has in store
To make each one of us completely whole

Where are the lessons to be told
Of a love that we could no longer hold

Chorus til end

One Chance

Written By: Frances Ancheta Becker

How many times
Do I listen to you
How many times
Do I always understand

One chance
That's all I'll give you
Once chance
Before I say goodbye
One chance
That's all I'll give you
One more chance
Before I let you go

How many times
Do I linger for you
How many times
When no one else gives a damn anymore


You want more
You want a better life
I've given you my all
But now I can't help you anymore

Chorus repeated until the end


Written By: Frances Ancheta Becker

Here's to you again
Know I'm here
Here for you
(and repeat)

Now's the time to shine
For you are worth the while
You're the one who let me be myself
And made me smile in style

So the tides have turned
To show them,
All who surround
And most of all we show ourselves
Just what we've found


What would my life be
If you were not around
Don't know how I survived
Before your soul was found

What's the use in thinking
That we're from different worlds
You've given me a whole new life
To live for what unfurls


And know that I
Will never leave
This whole new world
This I see
The way you take me
This renewed reprieve
Thank you for the way you are

(Chorus repeated until the end)


I released 2 full length CDs of original songs entitled "Now We're Here" and "Patterns." Currently featured on and My music has had radio airplay on 7 independent stations across the United States, as well as 6 internet radio stations in the U.S., Canada, England, and Spain.

You can listen to all my CD tracks on and on Apple iTunes.

Set List

Sets usually run from 1 to 3 hours. Average time is 2 hours (two 45 minute sets).

Original songs in my setlist:

You've Got Me
Coming Home
You Don't
School of Fish
Empty Chair
I am Sure
Hidden Song
Good Night
Nothing Really Matters
On and On and On
One Chance
This Is

Cover songs repertoire:

It's Magic (Doris Day)
Baby Can I Hold You (Tracy Chapman)
Lovesong (The Cure)
Everyday is Like Sunday (Morrissey)
How Many Times (Erasure)
I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor)
Dahil Sayo/Sabor A Mi (Tagalog/Spanish medley)
Call Me (Blondie)
Only the Lonely (The Motels)
It's Now or Never (Elvis Presley)
Saan Ka Man Naroroon Sinta (Pilita Corrales/Filipino song)

Some instrumental guitar, including traditional/classical songs (ex. Romance, flamenco) and old popular standards.