Passion is innate. You can’t buy it. You can’t fake it. Passion is real. So what do you get when you surge this passion with honest, raw and real lyrics? Songs that make you come alive...whether they be anger fuelled, full of buxom beats or seductively acoustic. This is me...this is Francesca!


Imagine this...a huge outdoor amphitheatre, with a long catwalk in the middle that leads to a stage on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. This was my reality when i sang in Italy at a fashion show. I was so overwhelmed with thoughts and emotions I thought I was going to have a mini meltdown.

Microphone. Check. Gown. Check. Shoes (can't go out there without my shoes!). Check. Guitarist. Check. Jam packed amphitheatre. Check. I went out there and sang up a storm and after only a few moments, those thoughts and emotions were calmed by the stillness of the waves behind me.

To be able to sing at such a huge event, with an amazing, large crowd in front of you and the ocean behind you is definitely a groundbreaking moment in my career, and one which made me take a look at myself and the journey I took to get there.

From an early age I was standing on coffee tables singing Shirley temple classics, and by the time I had reached primary school, I was putting on impromptu performances of “Grease” and writing my own songs.

As I got older I felt stronger about performing and song writing, so I enrolled at a singing school and harnessed my talent there for less than 2 yrs; receiving a myriad of awards for my singing and performance. During this time I continued to write my songs and began to perform in and around Melbourne; performing regularly at Italian Community events and at Italian singing festivals. I was also lucky enough to sing on the Channel 7 “Good Friday Appeal”, appear on RAI International (Italian Satellite TV) and also on community TV. This has led to other media coverage in local newspapers, and also on radio for Italian radio (Local and Overseas) and local radio stations.

During the past few years though, the most exciting things in my career have happened. Like singing in Italy, as I mentioned earlier, and also collaborating with many different producers and DJs. This has meant that my music and sound has grown and adapted to many different sounds and styles. As a result, I’m in the studio a lot writing edgier lyrics (Both in Italian and in English) and recording really raw and real vocals.

If you are wondering what is on the cards for the future, I’m collaborating with producers and DJs locally and internationally (In Italy) creating some great music that i hope to release soon and on that note, i'm 100% dedicated to putting together a show to take on the road. While that is being “sang” and done though, I’ll be in the studio to bring more songs to life. I hope you like them...

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