Francesc Gilabert

Francesc Gilabert

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Eclectic as I born of mestissage... I feel attracted to different styles and rythms and I get excited when I dream about where my steps will take me. I create following my intuition and writte to remember what I've been and shared, and to get conscious about the fact there's a world outside...


" I really enjoy creating and I love to drive interesting waves to the air...
My limitations -as a human being and in a musical context- never have stopped me -as I participate of evolution- 'cos everybody is free to express, comunicate and I've chosen the music as a vehicle to do it...
My influences are constantly being achieved and reviewed. I like to taste what I capture in my mind! Emotionally I've been touched by different musical expressions: a capella and lyrical, antique music, traditional and world music, , classic contemporany, electronic and synth-pop, hip hop and R&B, ... I love the fusion! In fact, my music can be categorized as SYNTH-FUSION :)
My story as a solo artist in this business is getting more and more attractive with every new day... "


Your Lullaby

Written By: F. Gilabert

Your lullaby
(Lyrics by F. Gilabert)

Your words went out so sweetly
Through the silence of the night
Our quite steps beyond the long grass
We join our hands to feel the warm

It’s difficult to accept
That I can’t free you from the pain
Everytime your eyes shout help
A dark veil covers my world
If I cannot stoke your light up
Your bright
Your smile

I rarely want to come back
If you’re by my side
And I don’t need more that you give me
My soul’s free between your arms


“Young Love lies dreaming
Till summer days are gone”
(Christina Rossetti)


Everybody can be harmed

Written By: F. Gilabert

Everybody can be harmed
(Lyrics by F. Gilabert)

Through my window I see
Wild creatures in a burnt forest
Innocent hearts being mistreated
But the tapestry seems not near
And I pray for that distance...

"Do you feel safe underneath your blanket?
Do you feel safe in your beehive?
Let me tell you something,
everybody can be harmed."

They keep their real thoughts to themselves
With mute anger and a cronic pain
That mother hug tightly her dead son
“But I can’t do anything”, I said
And I repeated to myself...


How can I fight with these weak fists?
If we remember how to love
All we’ll be easy for us...

Building a home

Written By: F. Gilabert

Building a home (Lyrics by F. Gilabert)

A man can ride across a thousand stars
And sail through ocean dunes to find that place
where life can grow and rivers flow like horses’ trot
A place where silence is not caused by hate and death

You feel ashamed today
You know you’re one of them now
You’ll search it once again
Your faith is lost in space now
You find no other way
You have to run away now
Catch a wave to... escape
Oceans away

A child can climb a tree to its juicy paradise
And dream under its leaves when light can burn
There birds can swing and sing between its gentle arms
A home where presents won’t be enough to save its breathing life

Chorus x 2
Who can understand?
Who can understand why?
What about respect?
What about respect man?
If you poison lands
Who can understand why?
If you take too much
What about respect man?
Who can understand?
Who can understand why?
What about respect?
What about respect man?
If you take too much
Who will leave you live here?
If you sow death
Where will you build a home man?

Bele dame & Bela viro

Written By: Anonymus/Esperanto version by J. Bernaus

Puisque bele dame m’eime (Montpellier Codex s. XIII)

Puisque bele dame m’eime,
destourber ne m’i doit nus;
quar iere si loiaus drus,
que je n’iere ja tenus
pour faus amans ne vantanz.
Ja li mesdisant
n’en seront joiant,
car nul mal ne vois querant;
mes qu’ami me cleime,
je ne demant plus.

(Since a beautiful woman loves me,
no one should trouble my peace
For I have been such a loyal suitor
that I have never been considered
a false or prideful lover
Evil tongues will never way joyfully
on my account,
for I seek to do no wrong;
I ask nothing but
that she call me her sweetheart.)

Nun bela viro amas min (Esperanto verison adapted by J. Bernaus)

Nun bela viro amas min,
neniu povas min turbi

Ĉar enamiĝinto mi estas,
ion neniu povas diri

Mi malbonajn langojn tranĉis.
La kalĉemuloj

Estas malgajegaj
ĉar mi honesta viro estas

Kiam li diras “Mia amo”,
Mi estas ĝoja viro


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