Francesco Del prete

Francesco Del prete


One man orchestra!
Francesco Del Prete with its violin and with the help of a loop machine and a multieffect pedalboard creates dreaming melodies like a complete orchestra.
You need only to listen to him and start your journey throughout your soul and your feelings.


Francesco Del Prete get graduated in violin performance in 1996 at the Lecce conservatoire "Tito Schipa". He then attended different specialization courses, like "Accademia di Salerno" directed by M° Ilya Grubert. He also intensified studies on Jazz Music and he partecipated from 2003 to 2008 to "La notte della Taranta", famous south Italy Festival, like official Ensemble violinist. He had also profitable collaboration with different band like Manigold, Nidi d'Arac, Demotika Orkestar, Tarantula Rubra.
Its music is inspired to jazz, classical music and artists like Didier Lockwood and Morricone. Like a composer, he creates a whole orchestra only with sounds that come from its five chords violin, a sky blue coloured french D&H, with the help of a loop machine and a multieffetct pedal.


On December 2008 he produced its first work as a solist, CORPI D'ARCO, which smarlty drives the violin through its hidden infinitive possibilities, away from his historical melodic tradition