Frances Jones and the Saviors
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Frances Jones and the Saviors

Red Bank, New Jersey, United States

Red Bank, New Jersey, United States
Alternative Singer/Songwriter




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In fourth grade my metalhead cousins came up from Florida rocking long hair and Metallica's Black Album all day long. Team that up with endless spins of Nirvana's "Nevermind" and young Frances Jones was hooked on a pretty far out dream. At the age of 10, I was trying to make my friends learn instruments so I could start a band, and at 15 I was writing lyrics by the boatload (yes, they were very bad).

Just a year later, I was in the studio recording with my first band, No Hollywood Ending, which ended up being a lot more than I ever expected. In 2003, we released our first record and would stay on the road until our second album in 2007. Shortly after the albums release, everything in my life went to hell and I realized that the music we were creating was nowhere near what I wanted to create as a man.

I spent 2007 at the rockiest of rock bottoms, only to learn that the depths would feed my art. I started to study books, poetry, and all of the great songwriters that I had been listening to for years. I finally decided to buy a home studio so nothing could hold me back from doing what I love; making music.

At the present time, I am content with the fact that no matter what, I can sit down in my studio, make music, and be happy to be blessed with this talent. I have learned that I sound the way I sound. I write the way I write. I am who I am. What I actually am is something along the lines of a party featuring the influence of artists (and authors) like Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Nirvana, Henry Miller, Cormac McCarthy, Kurt Vonnegut, and Townes Van Zandt to name a few.

Regardless if I am with my band or by myself, I just try to make music that is true to me. In an age when everyone loves music, but no one thinks it is worth anything, I hope I can add some value.