Francine Calo

Francine Calo


earthy, roots blues, with a cynical twist that only an old "high mileage " broad can bring to it....


Influenced by earthy, roots blues artists like James Harman, Jimmie Vaughan, Delbert McClinton. Bonnie music is raw, straight from the heart/hip, and biographical...I write about what I've lived......


Cut It Loose

Written By: Francine Calo

we've been together for so many years
so long ago I stopped counting the tears
you caused me to cry....what's the use
I got no reason to stay..
you've already cut me loose

I gave you everything and baby so much more
when I needed you, you just hit the door
couldn't handle the sight of me
payin' those kind of dues (could you baby)
so I faced it all alone
and I just cut it loose (you know I did)

No, I don't have the heart for this kind of bull anymore
I won't go to battle when I just can't win this war
I've long since forgotten what it was I was fighting for
beat up and shot up baby
I can't take any more

I can see no good reason for us both to stay
tied to a life filled with nothing but pain
I need to be loved
don't know about you
we ought to pack it in baby
we ought to cut this thing loose
got no reason to stay here
oh baby cut me loose

Got To Learn

Written By: Francine Calo

well, I believed in this institution
patiently waited for your contribution
and when it never came baby
I just resigned myself
to a life of benign co-existance
put up no show of resistance
to wind up drinkin' alone
while my love sat on a shelf

if all you can do is abuse it
I'm takin' back my love
you don't use it
I need a rock solid love
somethin' that I can feel
when you told me this was just a mistake
was that a test to see how much I'd take?
well, an eye for an eye darlin'
let me know how this makes you feel

I can't imagine what it is you're thinkin'
'cause I'm the best thiong that you've ever had
honey your cold indifference
is just about to drive me mad
you should have waded into the fire
but you just stood there and just watched me burn
now what I got to teach you
is a lesson you got to learn
(just got to learn)

I won't even roll off the throttle
when I highball right out your door
you stung me for the last time my baby
ain't gonna let you hurt me no more
I know you won't even miss me
probably won't even notice I'm gone
if I turn out the lights
and leave the TV on
I don't think you're even gonna miss me
you won't even notice that I'm gone
'cause I'll turn out the lights
and leave that big screen TV on..

Always The Same

Written By: Francine Calo

Listen to my story won't tell it twice
I never win when I roll them dice
Y'see there ain't no good luck where I live
I lost more than I ever had to give
I always hold a losin' hand
Every time I lay my money on a man

It's always the same
Every time I fall
Seems like I just get things started
And I wind up goin' nowhere at all
Goin' nowhere baby....

Listen to my story now
Never win when I roll the dice
Ain't no good luck where I live
Seems I lost more than I had to give
'Cause I always hold a losin' hand
Every goddam time I lay my money on a man

Yes,Yes,Yes (to James Harman)

Written By: Francine Calo

When I hear you singin'
Straight to my heart
Oh babe I must confess
When you're blowin' on your harp
You make that thing walk and talk
Can't help myself now
Yes, yes, yes

You're layin' down a groove that makes me smile
Gonna crawl right in your pocket for awhile
Electrify me - baby make me dance
Let that rhythm move me
Put me in a trance

Now I caught your fever
Don't want no cure-no I don't need no rest
I just wanna swing
Gotta jump around, holler, sing
Can't help myself now


Francine Calo-Francine Calo-2000-out of print
Francine Calo & Friends-2004
Francine Calo Duo-2004
Francine Calo-My Turn-2006-EP

Set List

typical set is 15 songs, or 1 hour...we usually do 3 sets....we're to the point where we do at least 1/2 the set of our original songs mixed in with covers of traditional style blues

Come In This House-Jr Wells
Just Not So-Angela Strehli
Full Time Lover-T-Birds
Face Down-Kid Bangham& Amyl Justin
Got To Learn-original
Cut It Loose-original
Bluer Side-original
Good Thing-original
Teach Me-Darell Nulisch