Francisca Urio
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Francisca Urio

Berlin, Berlin, Germany | INDIE

Berlin, Berlin, Germany | INDIE
Band Pop Soul




Album 'Alpha Girl' / 2011
Single 'It's Christmas Time' / 2011
Single 'Stomp your feet' / 2011
Single 'It's a woman's world' / 2010



Alpha Girl unlimited.

This woman accepts no limits: With an abundance of talent and her irresistible laughter, Francisca Urio enchants the world from Berlin to Dar es Salaam. The German-African power woman with the great voice is sensual, self-confident and incredibly charming.

Already at school, there is no stopping for Francisca Urio’s tremendous charisma. As early as 7th grade, the curly-haired live wire founds the all-girl band ‘Silvashado’ and is seriously committed to it. The four friends train like little professionals and are rewarded with support shows and backing vocal jobs for stars like Seal, Mary J. Blige, Mousse T., Shakira & Wyclef Jean. Already at that time, Franci, as her fans call her affectionately, is convinced: Music is her destiny. However, not just that – since the young girl is not only extremely talented but also smart and multifaceted, the editors of Jazz Radio FM Berlin hire her as a host on the spot. She manages this challenge easily as well.

When her teen band splits in 2006, she does not hesitate for a second and sparks off her solo career. Open-minded and versatile as she is, she is approached with offers from all over the entertainment world. The woman, who does not seem to be afraid of anything, receives a stunning echo. She turns competitions upside down, mesmerizes TV studios, sings with Stevie Wonder and shines brightly as a soloist at Berlin’s Friedrichstadtpalast.
You might think Francisca has to slow down sometime and catch a breath. Far from it!

Francisca Urio is much more than an excellent singer. Her performance, her presence and her sweeping temper have made her an example for women all over the world beyond her music. Tracks like ‘It’s a woman’s world’ encapsulate what her female fans in Africa and China have understood intuitively: Faith in your own strength moves mountains. For the most part, Francisca writes her songs herself and knows what she is talking about: With a German mother and a father from Tanzania, her family had to raise the strength themselves that true integration requires. Maybe that is why she is so natural – a star without airs and with a sensual self-assurance, that is simply classy.

Apart from her successes as a singer, these are exactly the attributes that earn her the attention of lingerie and beach fashion label ‘LASCANA’, whose face Francisca Urio has been since 2010. An alluring fashion label going by the philosophy ‘by women, for women’, and the Alpha Girl – a match made in heaven. During this collaboration, she composes the song ‘It’s a woman’s world’, as well as a feisty summer song titled ‘Baila conmigo’ and the single ‘It’s Christmas time’. Spectacular legs and model measurements are no coincidence: the Berliner is very sportive and enthusiastically runs marathons in her free time. This affinity for sports and Francisca’s musical talents have convinced the TV channel SPORT1. For the 2011 SPORT1 campaign ‘Keiner siegt allein’ (‘None wins alone’), she sings the hymn ‘We Are One’, which she especially composed for this purpose. The campaign runs throughout the year on all platforms of the multimedia umbrella brand SPORT1 – on TV as well as online and mobile.

But now it is finally time for pure Francisca Urio. Her fans have been awaiting her debut album enthusiastically for more than a year – an album that she has worked on eagerly and that should have been completed already last summer.
However, the hot-blooded beauty does not do anything half-heartedly and so it took until 2011 to focus her full concentration on her first album. In return, the ‘Alpha Girl’ arrives all the more determined and really lives up to its name.

’Alpha Girl’ is sizzling hot Pop - cheeky and light-hearted as herself - mixed with smooth R’n’B rhythms and all the coolness, only an artist of her format can deliver. Apart from the first single ‘We Are One’, the album brims over with strong statements, modern beats and catchy melodies, mostly penned by herself. Francisca Urio is a woman, who does not want the world to lie motionlessly at her feet – it should stand up and join her dancing!

The first award was not going to wait long, this came as expected promptly.
In July 2011 Francisca attended the White Nights Festival of St. Petersburg where she presented songs from her debut album ‘Alpha Girl’. The highlight of the festival was the music contest which hosted participants from 13 different countries including the USA, Bahamas, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Russia and others. As Afro-German Francisca represented her fathers home country Tanzania. She finally won the contest and was awarded the prize as the best international newcomer.

Á toutes les dames, strong and independent
Destined to gain, we got style and brains
Á toutes les femmes, full of shining talent
Destined to lead, we make history
It's a woman's world – full of alpha-girls

Francisca Urio - from song title ‘It´s a woman´s world’