Francisca Valenzuela

Francisca Valenzuela

 Santiago, Santiago, CHL

Francisca Valenzuela is a 22 year old singer-songwriter from Chile. She entered the Chilean music scene with a fresh unique pop-rock-folk style -playing piano, guitar and singing. Her debut 2007 album went gold in Chile. She has performed in NY, Mexico and Uruguay.


Francisca Valenzuela's music is pop-rock with piano. Her influences range from The Beatles and Ben Folds to Violeta Parra (Chilean folk-music), Fiona Apple, Joni Mitchell and Alanis Morisette.
She combines jazzy piano, chilean folk and traditional rock to make her own unique sound while singing very honest and direct lyrics. She sings of love, of loss, of gender issues, discrimination, the abuse of power and heartbreak.

You´ve Come a Long Way Baby

Francisca Valenzuela is a 22 year old singer-songwriter. She has joined the Chilean music scene with a new and unique style. She plays the piano and the guitar. She composes music, writes lyrics and sings in English and Spanish. She mixes a little bit of jazz, a little bit of rock, a little bit of pop.

In 2007, she launches her debut CD “Muérdete la lengua” (Bite your tongue) with 11 songs - 10 in Spanish and one in English – all written and composed by her. Once released, the local press calls her “the new musical revelation” and “the princess of rock”. The album goes Gold in Chile in 2008, and it is re-issued in a special edition, which includes two additional songs and a DVD containing four videoclips and several videos of songs peformed in vivo. In addition, the videoclips of the album´s five singles rotate in MTV-LA as well a local TV channels in Chile.

Francisca has been performing throughout Chile – from Iquique to Punta Arenas! – and also internationally in NY, Montevideo and Mexico City. She has participated in many other musical projects, composing music for documentaries and theater pieces, collaborating with others in composition and interpretation of songs, as well as participating in tribute CDs for great Chilean composers.

The Facts

• In 2007, her CD quickly escalates to the Top 10 at music stores in Chile.
• Various magazines and websites (Blondie, Caras, Ya) select “Muérdete la lengua” as one of 10 best albums of the year 2007 or 2008.
• Rolling Stone Chile includes it as number 16 - in its “50 best CDs of 2007” (in an international list!).
• She receives the APES Award as the “2007 Revelation Artist” (APES: Asociación de Periodistas y Espectáculos de Chile).
• She receives the Elena Caffarena Award from the National Center for Women, in the category of “2007 Young Talent”.
• She is selected as one of “100 Young Leaders 2007” of Chile by the main local newspaper El Mercurio.
• Her debut album goes Gold in 2008.
• Her album is voted #1 by readers of Caras Magazine and she is voted “Best of 2008” by readers of Ya Magazine.
• Latin America MTV selects her as one of the few artists to participate in its program MTV 15x15.
• In April 2009, American Latino TV selects Francisca as one of four nominees for the category Favorite American Latino TV Newcomer Award. In July 2009, she wins the Award by direct voting of supporters via web.

A Little Bit of History

Francisca was born and raised in the US. At 12, she moved to Chile. Since an early age she was interested in music and art. When she was 10 she started playing acoustic guitar and classical piano. Shortly after, she was already writing songs on both instruments. In parallel to her music abilities and activities, Francisca begins to write poetry and short stories. In the year 2000, a collection of her poems and two of her fiction pieces are published. The former, “Defenseless waters” (El Andar books) is published in the US –all illustrated by Francisca- and is prologued and praised by the writer Isabel Allende. The two short stories “Abejorros/Madurar (Bumblebees/Coming of Age)” (Plaza y Janés books), are published in Spain and also distributed in Latin America.

Once in Chile, Francisca participates in local high school music festivals as a solo artist with her own songs. In 2004, during her senior year, she begins to play in underground music bars and jazz clubs in Santiago with her keyboard and guitar.

By then in 2006, she uploads her songs on the internet ( and begins to develop her project with the help of cyberspace and the digital world. Her first single “Peces” (Fishes) begins to play at local radio stations.

During 2007 she forms her own band and, independently, records her debut album. By May of that year, she signs for distribution with Feria Music Chile. The “Muérdete la
Lengua” CD reaches stores in Chile in June 2007.




Written By: Francisca Valenzuela

Hope you enjoy your luxurious testimony
where you live by cowardly conditions
though you don't taste the responsibility of
standing in your own position

because you gotta end your mean
you said I could become your lovely queen
once you ended your grand scene with her

You've thrown me over your shoulder my dear
given me a wash of tears
and erased my fears 'cause
when you hear me you won't believe your ears

No Necesito Mucho (in "spanglish")

Written By: Francisca Valenzuela

Podría pasar días
tratando de borrar
el mundo con mis manos y mi voz
o encontrar un lugar
que entregue suficiente oportunidad
para verme como soy
o decidirme a continuar

como llegamos a esto?
modelos en un museo?
que dan cuenta de nuestra extinción
no encuentran triste esta exposicion?

no necesito mucho
para sonreír
pero sé que al de ahí
le dan menos que a mi
entonces por qué sigo así?

I could spend days
trying to erase the world
with my fingers and my voice
find a place to spoil me rotten or
give the world a choice
find a place as worthy as these mountains
keeping me clean each day

I don't need much to smile
but I know the one on the street needs less
needless to say let's give this life a rest
and evacuate for a while

Los Poderosos

Written By: Francisc aValenzuela

No te puedo asegurar
sobrevivir aquí
si vienen y van
como si fueran sus tierras
no ven que les duele

vida no es
y muerte no es
entonces qué
es el entremedio que viven a diario y yo aquí sentada sin poder ayudar

los poderosos mienten
hacen lo conveniente
sonríen y asienten y es
para no asustarnos con la verdad
para no quedar mal

y todos esperan
mientras cuentan
cuerpos como números vacíos
intentando encontrarle el sentido
y ¿cómo es que nadie ve lo viene?



Written By: Francisca Valenzuela

Dejo gusto amargo en ti
voy a tener que
colgar un cartel
que le advierta a cualquier
que se acerque
yo no soy

con cascadas de miel
dentro de la piel
algunas son
y se las comen
les devoran hasta las pestañas

mujer ¿por qué no ocupas tu voz de otra forma?
utilizando algo más que las piernas
yo sé que hay algo en ti

Muérdete la lengua

Written By: Francisca Valenzuela

Dicen que todo cae
cuando tiene que caer
¿por qué sigues de pie?
y ahora
muérdete la lengua
negra que te cuelga
como si perro fueras
buscando maneras de entrar
no no no no

oh oh oh oh
las heridas están limpias
oh oh oh oh
no hay nada que lamer
oh oh oh oh
entonces ándate

Muérdete la lengua
negra que te cuelga
como si perro fueras
buscando maneras
no busques maneras de entrar
no entres más

solo estás persiguéndote la cola
solo estás creándome un problema
y no quiero más de tu compañía
no más


Muérdete la lengua
negra que te cuelgacomo si perro fueras
buscando maneras
no busques maneras de entrar
no entres más
más más más más y

muérdete la lengua
muérdete la lengua
muérdete la lengua
muérdete la lengua

Quiero Verte Más

Written By: Francisca Valenzuela

Quiero verte más

iba tan tranquila por la calle antes que
iba tan tranquila por la calle sin saber
que vendrías tu
con tu mirada tu sonrisa tu caricia tu verdad

aunque tengas a otra pendiente
quiero verte más
aunque sea físicamente
quiero verte más
aunque por una vez tenerte
quiero verte más
quiero verte más

con manos empapadas
con mirada embobada
con el corazón latiendo
con el cuerpo resistiendo
no basta que me des solo una vez
yo sé que tu también lo quieres


serena tranquila yo hacía mi vida
antes que llegaras tu a tentarme y no
te veo mirarme
a ti quiero entregarme
quiero que me quieras de una vez

aunque tengas a otro pendiente
tan solo para ver como se siente
yo ya quiero verte más


Muérdete la Lengua - 2007
Muérdete la Lengua (Double Edition with new songs and DVD) - 2008

"Muérdete la Lengua"
all tracks : music and lyrics by Francisca Valenzuela.

The songs can be heard by streaming on myspace (, also on Francisca's webpage (

Other songs composed in collaboration with LatinBitman - sung by Francisca Valenzuela
-Help Me

These songs can be heard by streaming on

Set List

For a solo performance (piano/voice and guitar/voice) Francisca plays for about 30-45 minutes.

For performances with a band, the performance runs for 45 - 75 minutes.

For a solo performance, a typical set list - including covers (noted) would be:
- Afortunada
- Dulce
- Las Vegas
- No Necesito Mucho
- Queen
- Salvador
- Esta Noche
- Los Poderosos
- Muérdete la Lengua
- Excavador de Tumbas

- Run-Run (Cover- Violeta Parra)
- Vuelvo (Cover - IntiIllimani)

For band performance it would the previous songs plus other original songs such as
-Segunda Vuelta
-Other new songs!

-Folsom Prison (Cover Johnny Cash)