Francis Courchinoux

Francis Courchinoux


"The Five Seasons" album is a mixture of emotions. It mixes electric & acoustic guitar. It is rich and varied. The guitar techniques are used to bring up melodies to another level. Soft, fast and powerful, this album is hard to classify into a label of music style.


Born in France in 1972, Francis Courchinoux started learning music in 1980 when he took a course on classical acoustic guitar. One year later, he played his first song on stage.

From 1990 to 1996, he worked on stage and in studio with the French metal band “Desdemona”.
The band played many gigs and recorded two demo tapes with three titles each.
The “Moonlight Slaughter” tape was the band’s first experience in a professional recording studio, and also the first approach to the music industry. They received excellent reviews in music magazines, were broadcast on radios, and got supported by enthusiastic fans.

From 1997 to 1998, Francis worked on a video game project called "C4" for which he composed and played the soundtrack and created the sound effects.
This project gave him the opportunity to compose a more orchestral type of music.

In 1998 he moved to Dublin, Ireland where he worked in graphic design and later in the video game industry for Vivendi Universal Games.

From 2000 to 2002 he created his solo project "FRUX", and made a demo album “No Respect”. By the end of 2002, he decided to produce the album on his own.

In 2003, he started the composition of his first album "The Five Seasons", which contains nine songs. Giving another dimension to his music, he mixed different inspirations such as Metal, Flamenco, Jazz rock, and Classical music.
Francis composed all instruments himself (including drums, bass guitar, orchestra instruments, etc…), which shows his talent in composition and knowledge of music. He also created a web site where the album is available for sale online.

What Francis wants to do is to make music without limits of style; to mix different musical emotions from different instruments and tones; to create songs taking a different approach from the usual one. What he pursues is to use the guitar techniques to bring the melody to another level.

Listen to his music with your eyes closed and let it bring you to this other world…


Vendeurs de mort

Written By: Francis Courchinoux

Des corps déchiquetés
Rampants parmis leurs larmes
Désespérément ignorés
Sous une montagne de cranes

Des enfants massacrés
L’innocence n’a aucun profit
Des fortunes dépensées
Pour répandre la douleur
Pendant la saison de la peur

Inéxistants sont les regrets
Vue de derière un bureau,
Au chaud vendant la chose
Le droit de vie qui explose

Sauveur convaincu
Protégeant son opulence
Sachant ce qui lui est du
Ne craignant aucune vengence
Puissance meurtrière sur le pauvre

La vie ne peut pas être soumise
A des vampires de fortunes
L’insoucience doit être stopée
Par des messages de paix

Combattre les lois de profit
Cesser les instruments meurtriers
Qu’un nouvel espoir renait
Ramenant la paix oubliée

And again

Written By: Francis Courchinoux

Burning in your insane brain
The blindness comes back again
The night, like an endless train,
Will show you that there’s no escape.

Revenge is useless
This circle is endless

This old mistakes come again
And so they all died in vain
Or is there a meaning in pain?
Will there ever be a peaceful day?

In life you gather what you’ve sowed
No benefit will come from burned
And again?
Throw away the hate you’ve got
Open the way of what you love
And again…

The war

Written By: Rocio Orovengua León

In that small Northern town
an epidemic of sadness spread over the streets and the squares.

The bells tolled
and the women mourned at dusk like stranded whales.

The dogs barked throughout the night
and the dust covered the window-shops that were left unattended.

Children, like stray stars, cried for food until dawn,
but the wind dragged their weeping
and the sand smothered the hunger of their eyes like black holes in space…

…The seasons changed,
memories were banished,
noise and fury nested in the parks
and tangleweeds crept over the roofs,
the sparrows went past the small Northern town


Desdemona "Advanced tape" (Tape 3 songs)
Desdemona "Moonlight Slaughter" (Tape 3 songs)
C4 "Sound Tracks" (CD 8 songs)
Frux "No respect" (CD 12 songs)
Francis Courchinoux "The Five Seasons" (CD 9 songs)

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Set List

"The Five Seasons" set is about 80 to 90 minutes duration including 9 songs:

Electric guitar:
1 – The War
2 – Lilya

Acoustic guitar:
3 – The Valleys of Ipacura
4 – Farewell
5 – Southern Tree Surgeons
6 – Vendeurs de mort

Electric guitar:
7 – The Five Seasons
8 – And Again

9 – Life