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Falun, Dalarna, Sweden | INDIE

Falun, Dalarna, Sweden | INDIE
Band Pop Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"I Was Never Bored At All"

"I Was Never Bored At All" is the realisation of a talent we knew was there from the beginning. A fucking astounding piece of music with a vocal that could bring a man off. - The Waiting Room

"I Was Never Bored At All"

This delicate number achieves what most songs fail to deliver, a memorable 3+ minutes that withstand the ravages of repeated exposure. - Mp3 Hugger

"Francis at Malmen, Lilla Hotellbaren"

It is not often that gigs makes me childishly excited, but when Francis diabolical swinging psychobilly-blues were tearing down one of Stockholm’s clubs I literally died. This could be something big. -

"lipstik indie reviews"

Now this has to be one of the absolute craziest bands I have heard in a while. With a circus/cabaret feel “Francis” may just be one of my new favorite bands. Songs like Beat, Beat, Beat showcases the lead singers fun and creative vibe.

Since the bands first release in 2006 Bad to the Bone you can see the awesome development that has occurred! The music has taken on a life of its own and they have almost created their own genre of music which is super exciting to see. Rock on -


Francis is a four-piece from Sweden whose musical style has been described as everything from folk to blues to Americana…though some refer to their sound as folk mixed with blues mixed with some liquor in the backwoods. Either way, Francis has great music that is creative and entertaining to any listener. The Swedish outfit released their first album, Bad to the Bone, in 2008 and that helped build their fan base. In April of this year they released their first EP, the Francis EP which contains such tunes as the alcohol-fueled “Drunk Stranger” and the mellow but intriguing “Take It Easy.” The recent release has received positive reviews from bloggers and media outlets worldwide. Francis is currently available for signing, licensing, publishing and booking in multiple territories. - Sat Bisla

"The Seasidefestival's immovable peak"

Borlänge Quartet gives us wonderful obstinate in luxury.

Francis manages the trick of making music that sounds old but still very modern. The components of their salvation-soup are many and range from cabaret and Tom Waits to blues and punk.

The sum will be an obstinate and absolutely adorable show where singer Petra Mases is the magnetic center of the stage.

She has a voice that is absolutely fantastic, whether she sings or uses megaphone. Moreover, she dares to be both croak and cocky, which is quite beneficial beauty.

The three guys next to her adds notes which are perfect filthy, blunt and beautiful. At times I wonder whether it is a concert or exorcism they are doing.

Francis has the fantastic and unusual ability to raise themselves that extra bit when they play live. Their new EP is certainly great, but at Seaside they're the festival's immovable peak. -

"Francis at Klubb Tupelo"

Francis is an outstanding band that literally is right in your face in the form of the best singer I have heard in a long time climbing on both bandmates and people in the audience.
Tom Waits is obvious to mention in this context and, indeed, Karin Dreijer Andersson. Theatrical excesses of the band with the singer in the lead, coupled with the strong songs and the wonderful bite in the guitar makes the show flawless. Sing a long songs like "Bad to the bone" and "Beat, beat, beat" are too few nowadays. It is unbelievably swingy and really, really good. -

"Francis EP"

I raved about Francis a while back, even naming this upstart cabaret folk punk act the next big thing as part of the M.A.P. series of posts. Well now the band’s debut EP is nearly out (April) and after having listened to the whole thing I am still as high for the band as I was months back. What separates them from the pack however is the lead singer’s husky, half whispered, half screamed vocals. -

"I Was Never Bored At All"

I’ll be damned if I’m not blown away. There’s quality stuff in here, from the lyrical prowess to the calming melodies that pour forth from each member of Francis.

“I Was Never Bored At All” makes me very, very excited to hear the rest of the songs on Francis’ upcoming album. -


Still working on that hot first release.



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