Francis Jocky

Francis Jocky


Everyone who has experienced Francis Jocky’s live performances agree that they are high-energetic and take you into a world of great acoustic, modern but simple «melo-groove»-music. Melodious and groovy!


It’s hard to explain Francis music in one word; it’s acoustic – but with electronic flourishes, it’s simple - but groovy, it’s modern – and certainly there’s always a melody. So, let’s call it « melo-groove ». Because of Francis’s African roots - one can note the influences of several other cultures, which gives this original touch. It is simply universal.

Francis Jocky, born in Douala, Cameroun, moved to France when he was 15 years old. After his studies, Francis decided to concentrate only in music. Above all, his a pianist, inspired by the Jazz of Miles Davis and Charlie Parker.
His love for music Francis discovered already as a little boy and by the age of 11 he already composed his first songs. Even during his studies at the University of Sorbonne, music was more important than everything else and he started to perform in clubs in Paris and other Europeen cities as a pianist and singer.

In 1988 Francis formed the band « Class » together with his brother Bobby Jocky (who composes among others for Brigitte Fontaine) and Patrick Dagé. Francis was composer and keyboarder of the band, Patrick on guitar and lead vocals, Bobby on the bass. Short after having formed this band, they signed with a label and went on promotion tour in the south of France with the single « Tout Balancer ».

In 1998 Francis met Jon Anderson, lead singer of the world-famous band « YES ». Jon offered him a job as a keyboarder for the upcoming « YES » - world tour. But after having listened to Francis’s personal compositions, Jon suggested him to form a band which called «Know». Francis composed and co-produced the songs of that album « The more you know », which had been released four months later by « Eagle Records » London. In the same year this album obtained very good critics at the « Midem » in Cannes.

As a session musicien, Francis has been playing keyboard and singing vocals with Jacques Higelin and Seta Touré for some concerts.

In 2001, Francis participated on « A Tribute to Sting » by singing the song « La Belle Dame sans regrets » in association with other UK artists. This album was produced by « Hatch Farm Studios » London and released by the label « The Store for Music ».

In the beginning of 2003 Francis called up some of Paris best musicians to perform at his first, proper concert which has been held on February 15th at « La Scène » in Paris. They were playing in front of 350 spectators. All the seven band members are experienced musicians and used to play in front of big audience. They work with artists like Susheela Raman, Brigitte Fontaine, Benjamin Diamond or Jacques Higelin. The resonance of this very first concert was huge and on April 1st, Francis and band have been performing live on French’s biggest radio, « France Musique » in the emission of Arielle Buteaux, called «Un Mardi ideal ». This 25-minute live performance was followed by an interview and hence, other radio appearances happened to follow.

Francis first solo album « Mister Pain » is complete and has been launched with a big success in combination of a live concert in Paris’«La Scène» on April 11th, 2003.

Since April 21st, this album is available in FNAC stores in France and Monte Carlo.

At the same time, Stereodrome (Artists of the label
«Universal») have already remixed two of Francis’s songs; « Mister Pain » and « Higher Love ». This versions will be available in a « lounge-version » on vinyl.

In September 2003 Francis Jocky had the privilege to perform at « NEMO » Boston, the music conference around the prestigious « Boston Music Awards ».

Last month, Francis Jocky's EPK appeared "in the spotlight" on


Album "Mr Pain" 2003 FJPROD
1 Mr Pain
2 Like you
3 Higher Love
4 My Life
5 So Far Away
6 Hate is Gone
7 Yabassi
8 Down Slow
9 So Sad
10 How Can I Stand
11 We Are

"Like you"& "My Life" in playlist of French radio stations (FIP, Radio NEO)
Mr Pain, Like you, We are, So sad, My Life, Yabassi, Down slow, La Belle Dame & A Té have been performed live on radios like "France Musique", "France Inter" "Radio France International", "Frequence Paris Plurielle" and "Radio Bleu - City Radio"

Set List

1.5 - 2 hr set includes all originals

Be you
So far away
Higher Love
Like you
My Life
La Belle Dame (exclusive concert)
So sad
Mr Pain
A Té (exclusive concert)
How can I stand
Down slow
Still remain
We are