Franco Bertucci

Franco Bertucci


Cabaret-Folk and Piano-Pop from a 25 year-old songwriter with a surprising baritone voice: "A refreshing trample over the top of the pretentious angst that floats around the contemporary music world."


Shall we face the truth? Humanity is awkward. That means that you and I are awkward in at least some small way. Day in and day out we live and grapple with this awkwardness that afflicts us and also rescues us. Some of us may have a harder time of it than others, some of us embrace the struggle and some of us are in denial.

Some of us do all we can to conceal our inner awkwardness beneath a mask of normality...or in the case of certain rock stars who take themselves more seriously than small pox; beneath a mask of pretentious and wholly ludicrous angst.

But Franco Bertucci is not in denial. No, this young professional goofball and songwriter who sports a rich and surprising baritone voice, as well as nine younger siblings, stands on the curb at his full height of five feet seven inches and unabashedly bares his soul to the world, making his piano and guitar dance a graceful, quirky dance while out of his rather large throat soar songs of truth, beauty, awkwardness and oatmeal.

Be forewarned that when you listen to Franco you will feel so refreshed, relieved and vindicated that you will literally, "lift yourself up by your own boot straps and kick yourself out the door," to quote his song, "Ballad of Finding One's Self." You will feel such happiness at having discovered this strange music, so exceptionally human and humorous, so powerfully moving and so perfectly awkward that your life will undoubtedly be irreversibly changed for at least a week.


Awkward Guy - available at CDbaby and iTunes

Set List

Awkward Guy
Bachelor Oatmeal
Ballad of Finding One's Self
Step in the Right Direction
Island Girl
Clueless Joy
A Guy Who Goes by Dave
Thanks for the Haircut
Five more Minutes Please
Grace Stirs
Oh Lord Why Me?
Fireman Song
Long Live the Farm
Jazzy Angel
Hey Hey Hey
Rainy Season
Charlie was a Prisoner
Three Pulls to Start the Mower
Falling off the Top Bunk
Humpty Dumpty Blues
The Ahh Song
I Love Ya
River of Time
Your Back is Killing Me
When I Want to Be Tough

Tom Dooley
Dock of the Bay
Piano Man
The Water is Wide
The Way You Look Tonight
Brown Eyed Girl
The Very Thought of You
Heart and Soul