Franco DiFolco

Franco DiFolco

 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

My music is magic, born out of the purest soul, unfiltered and unprocessed. There are no formulas in my music, I don't follow the book. I'm me...come listen.


With no formal musical training, and no interest in various keys he plays in, the names of the chords he strums or how a song is supposed to sound, Franco DiFolco is a young man with magic in his soul. No one taught him how to do this, and in that innocence beautiful sounds are born, free of the shackles of formality.


Country Days

Written By: Franco DiFolco

I'm a country boy
You're a country girl
And you're all I need
Yea, you're all I need
All I need

I'm a mason's son
I feel like the only one
Sometimes I ain't so strong, no
But that's what it is
What it is

On a country road,
That's where I'll always be
On a country day,
That's where I'll always stay
Stay with you,
Driving down dirt roads
Stay with you,
Driving down dirt roads

In the southern sun,
Through the fields we'll run
To a lonely tree
It's just you and me
Can you feel the heat,
You have to feel it deep
Feel that southern air
See it's always there
With you, chasing down tall grass
There with you, lying in (tall grass)

When I see it in my dreams
I see it clearly and pristine,
See the smoke rise from the fire,
And the moonlight on the lake gets brighter

On a country road,
Is where I'll always be
On a country day,
Is where I'll always
Stay with you
Saloon in a small town,
Stay with you,
Saloon in a small town