Richmond, Virginia, USA

Live R&B/NewEra soul with a mix of original and a few covers


Francoise a name to know , share , and wont forget once introduced to this one of a kind artist . What sets this talent apart from the rest is her sincere appreciation for the arts and her desire to improve her craft. Francoise is a gifted song writer who is able to express life’s realities and put them into lyrical song format. Everyone seems to relate easily to what she writes about, because it’s real. From the incredible song writing, to the melodic and fresh tracks; the songs that have come out of the creativeness of Francoise have inspired many. One group, in particular, that really took a liking to the group’s production and song writing, was Hidden Beach recording artists Kindred, The Family Soul; which featured the song "Do You Remember" on its last album-"In this Life Together".
Over the years Francoise has performed and been the lead act for big names such as Mint Condition, Chris Brown, Lloyd, Miguel, Al Green etc. She has also worked and referenced records for the industries biggest writers. Learning and watching the best in action has produced a studio/ recording professional that can create a hit record with one session. While working with professional writers and producers she learned the formula for creating lasting music just as she learned to read, its second nature. She plans on Being Grammy’s Next Artist/writer of the year. Now after years of developing and perfecting her artistry, her soul, and music she is Now breaking ground as the musical realist and her her goals to SpreadLove . Here to let her sounds and lyrics be the therapy needed for healing of the heart and soul through her music and through the sounds of your favorite top artist through placements and publishing. We like to call her sound "Nu Era Soul Music "and Francoise is here to bring light to your world with real music, melodies, and stories of her life. *Realism through Song *


Released X'S & O'S mixtape in 2011

EP- Queen of Hearts coming Summer of 2012