Since our inception,’ frank’ has focused on writing and performing songs that are diverse in texture, but share passion, intensity and intelligence......and frank likes to rock. A combination of rock, pop and funk, our music is a combination of the Replacements song sense, the Dave Matthews Band jam sense and the guitar styling and funk cadence of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


Scott Porter has been playing in bands in NYC since the 7th grade. Starting in New York’s famed music buildings in the west 30’s, in past bands he’s shared the stage with the Goo Goo Dolls, Live, and God Street Wine, although he likes to think they shared the stage with him.

In January 2001, Porter got the tingle to start anew – no old material allowed. Teaming up with longtime friend and drummer Ray Crespo, himself a veteran NYC musician, the moniker-less band began rehearsing “Life By the Hour”, which was the first of many songs to feature Scott and Ray’s ever-present, oft haunting, and always powerful harmonizing.

Enter bassist Billy Ziff, fresh from playing in the jam band scene, who added a fresh progressive breath to Scott and Ray’s disparate rock influences. Billy and Ray immediately locked into the rhythm engine that fuels the bands booming grooves, heard in songs like “Let It Go”, “Sit Down” and “Need Some Help”.

frank was born, and with fervor the group began an intense creative process that continues to this day, constantly writing, reconsidering and refining their music. The band’s inaugural show was at NYC’s humble stepping stone, Desmond’s Tavern, which was a big crowded sweaty success and pioneered the path to fierce performances at some of NYC’s premier clubs like the Mercury Lounge and Wetlands (RIP), as well as mainstays such as Lion’s Den and Elbow Room.

The ball was rolling for the band, but there was one thing missing - the recording. frank had been using self-produced demos to secure gigs, but the homespun efforts fell short of capturing both the depth of their compositions and the immediacy and “x factor” of their live performance. That is, until April 2003 when the band hooked up with veteran producer Adam Lasus (PJ Harvey, J. Mascis, Joan Jett, Madder Rose, Ween, Juliana Hatfield) at his Fireproof Recordings studio in Brooklyn. The result is “Life By The Hour” - the full-length record, which completes the picture. Check it out.


Life By The Hour

Written By: Scott Porter

V1:Why don’t you leave well enough aloneSafe inside your homesGod speed us safely from our cubesThrough darkened tunnels to our roomsChorusWhat is this life by the hourWhat is this thoughtless charade Only fools count time by light of dayV2Is there room for color in this lightIs there room for weakness in this fight Are we just faces, and races, living in spaces we don’t ownOnly seldom idly dreaming of our ownChorusBridgeCause we’ve got no light to guide usIs there something in our wayShall we all remained contented to let day drift into dayChorusIs there dawn to follow this long night

Alone at Home

Written By: Scott Porter

From my door the street looks like a stage set
What’s the scene is my satan figure dead yet
Ain’t going out until he’s gone
Little devil sitting on my lawn

Sitting at home with my guitar and the TV
Me and Paul and Joe and Little Stevie
What they got that I don’t know
My own personal talent show

So here’s what I’m feeling for today
When the people all walk away
Don’t you sometimes wish they’d stay
And not leave you alone at home
And not leave you alone at home

Subtle signs all indicating distress
Passing thoughts of fading mental fitness
All this goddamn time on my hands
Treat my body like a garbage can

Years go by and fewer things are changing
Wasting time is a full time occupation
Show me something worth fighting for
A beam of light through a closing door

So here’s what I’m feeling for today
When the people all walk away
Don’t you sometimes wish they’d stay
And not leave you alone at home
And not leave you alone at home
And not leave you alone at home
And not leave you alone at home

Look now son now everything is changing
Ah well now nothing ever changes (repeat)

Sit Down

Written By: Scott Porter

When I was young I never learned to read the bible
My momma told me that I’m shiftless when I’m idle
My daddy tried to help me do my work completely
But there were things only the city streets could teach me

Like moms and dads they hardly ever get along
But for the kids they try to keep the marriage strong
I said “Hey dad – now what the hell is going on?”

Chorus 1
He said son sit down
Why don’t you sit down now
Let’s talk about it now
Why don’t you sit down

He said that life is really full of compromises
In a happy life you rarely bump into surprises
As for your heart – you ain’t the first that it has lied to
Look to the past cause only history can guide you

(But) what do I do if I’m not sure what path I’m on
If my mind is tired and I feel all my hope is gone
What should I do if there’s no need to carry on

Chorus 2
(He said) Just sit down
Why don’t you sit down now
Let’s talk about it now
Why don’t you sit down


So now I’m grown and I have done my time in cages
And I can see that life does really come in stages
After you come to see that time is flying by
You realize that life is yours until you die

So I take the reins and make my time around my own
Spend more time outside and less time on the phone
And when I’m told just like a dog to fetch a bone



Life By The Hour - 2003

Set List

Typically we play anywhere from ten to fourteen songs in a set of 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. Our songs range from 2 minute quickies to 6 minute rock explorations. We have over 30 completed songs and can pull out a dance set, a rock set, a slower set or a more funk set depending on our mood / setting.

Slow Rockers:
Life by the Hour
Talk It Through
I Did It
Hold On

The Closers:
Sit Down
Shut Up
She’s Got Feelings
Need Some Help

Rock Rock Rock:
Let It Go

Alone At Home (pt II)
Mother Gossip

Pop Rock
On The Mend

While our focus has always been on original material we have played a few covers. Our covers have been The Clash - White Man in Hammersmith Palais, The Police - THe World is Running Down, The Beatles - Hey Bulldog and for humor Eye of the Tiger - Survivor and You Can't Touch This - MC Hammer.