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The best kept secret in music


"The Unstudied Sea"

“Frank Bango may very well be a musical genius…Sprawling pop tunes with clever arrangements and a literary approach to lyric-writing that never gets caught up in itself.” - Splendid

"In Music We Trust (Portland)"

Lyricist Richy Vesecky and singer/musician Frank Bango team up once again for Bango's second solo record, The Unstudied Sea, an intelligent pop record that, though may not be the easiest to swallow with a surface listen, becomes an enjoyable gem after delving into it deeper. Bango's nasally Costello-esque voice is at first the reason the record is so hard to put down. But, eventually becomes the clarity that makes the record so delightful. With a knack for good pop hooks, semi-lush compositions, and lyrics that read like an enjoyable novel, Bango's The Unstudied Sea has longevity, a rarity in pop music, and the mark of a solid pop offering. It's candy coated, sugar texture is minimal, going for the slow burn over the quick fix. Where other pop records load up on sugar and offer nothing more, Bango offers nearly sugar-free pop, but bulks up on substance. I'll give it a B+.
- By: Alex Steininger

"Pulse Of the Twin Cites"

Pop classicist Frank bango makes a strong case for the overdue return of Brill Building styled acoustic tunes powered by a reedy stinger of a voice reminiscent of power-pop legend Tommy keene. "are you now or have you ever been?" sounds like an unplugged pub rocker that could have been lifted right off of elvis Costello's My Aim is True (yes it's that bitibg and witty). - Minneapolis, MN


Imagine Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows) singing Elvis Costello songs...and you may have some idea of what Frank Bango sounds like. Being longtime fans of both McCaughey and Costello...we find Bango's music to be inviting and engaging. The Unstudied Sea features a non-stop collection of instant pop classics. Frank's tunes are based around an acoustic guitar...and they possess a classic sound that is sadly missing in most of today's popular music. While Bango is presented as a solo artist...the contributions of songwriting partner Richy Vesecky should not be underestimated. While the quality is startling high throughout this album...there are two facts that will probably limit this man's chances for success. First, while we love the vocals, Bango's voice has a slight nasal quality that will not sit well with the average listener. Second...and even more importantly...these songs are extremely positive. While we consider this second trait to be wonderfully positive...most folks simply can't take it when an artist is this uplifting (and almost completely lacking in sarcasm!). This album is chock full of beautiful melodies and addictive hooks. Destined to be a favorite among critics, this album is a knockout. Includes "Out of the Water," "Museums," "The Lottery Pieces," "Does the Bitter Moon Really Care About How Dark it Gets?" (Rating: 5+)

- Athens Georgia


I Set Myself On Fire Today (1995)
There's Gonna Be A Storm/Goodbye Holly
(Left Banke Tribute)
Fugitive Girls (1999)
The Unstudied Sea (2003)
The Sweet Songs Of Decay (coming Soon)


Feeling a bit camera shy


10 Facts about Frank:

1) His last name is Bango.

2) He is officially from New York City, although originally from somewhere quite different.

3) He is a musician of some note, a singer of a few other notes and a songwriter with something new in his notebook.

4) He is about to release a new album entitled "The Unstudied Sea." The 12 songs featured were written under water, remembered over drinks and recorded somewhere in between. The music is sad and beautiful and to quote an old sea diver's valentine -" if there is a lighthouse out there anywhere, let it light the way to your own true love." The CD will be released by the Sincere Recording Company on July 17.

5) In the grand tradition of Bacharach & David, Goffin & King, Rodgers & Hart and Leopold & Loeb, Frank has a songwriting partner by the name of Richy Vesecky. Together they combine a classic Brill building aesthetic with a very unique and personal vision. Ignoring the current trend of production-driven mall noise, Bango & Vesecky are aiming directly at the great American songbook.

6) He has previously released 2 albums - the criminally ignored "I Set Myself on Fire Today" and the critically acclaimed "Fugitive Girls." Both feature the kind of pop craftsmanship that is usually attributed to a beautiful bygone era. If you are of a mind to allow critics to have their say, here's what some have said -

"It's difficult to think of a stronger current day writing partnership than
Bango and lyricist Richy Vesecky (maybe Bacharach & Costello
come close)." -Bucket Full of Brains

"Craftsmanship is alive and well, meticulously executed in the
pop realm by Frank Bango" -Time Out New York

"A minor pop masterpiece...." -The Lowell Sun

"Not your typical modern-day songwriter, Bango's classically structured pop songs
spur melodies reminiscent of 60's girl groups and the heyday of the pop world."
-Performing Songwriter

7) Frank has a tendency to perform live with a band of esoteric pop adventurers collectively known as the Magic Fingers. Individually or on dry land they will answer to the names of Matt Azzarto - bass, Ray Nissen - guitar, Paul Moscella - drums. When mixed with water they will create a tidal wave of glorious, musical bliss. Female audience members have been known to hold their breath through entire sets. All this and a dress code, too.

8) Frank was once taken to lunch by 1960s bubblegum kings Kasenetz & Katz, managed to guitar-tech for Ray Davies at Carnegie Hall and is currently auctioning Tom Verlaine's guitar on Ebay to pay for his next recording. Therefore, his major celebrity status cannot be questioned.

9) Frank Counts as his major influences: Preston Sturges, Alan Watts, David Lynch,
The Beatles, Bjork, Swami Rama, Dr Rudolf Balentine, The Zombies, Tom Waites, Elvis Costello, The Toys , the Beach Boys and Charlie Rich. If you know who any of these people are, then you owe it not only to yourself but also to them to know who Frank is (and vice versa).

10) Frank currently owns no tropical fish.