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The Book of me and you

Written By: DiAnn Walkinshaw

The Book of Me and You G-Dur © 03/2006 Walkinshaw/Berens/Schmitz

Intro: Doob doobedeeedoopdoop

Page one, a lonely night
But you were that shining light
Telling me, this was oh so right
Page ten, can we start again?
I blew it (I) need you as my friend
Can’t you see you’re the one for me?

No matter how you phrase it
No matter how you spell it, Baby
It’s self-explanatory
It’s an L-O-V-E story

That’s the book of me and you
Start at one, get to ten
Go back and review again
Turn the page, another day
But I love it just that way (Don’t care I love it that way)
It’s the book of me and you

Doob doodebeeedoopdoop

Chapter 3, it’s you and me
Like maybe for eternity?
Seems God has a plan, don’t you see
Chapter 9, the stars don’t lie
Glad you understand my crazy sign
Can’t you see, love’s a mystery

No matter how you phrase it
No matter how you spell it, Baby
It’s self-explanatory
It’s an L-O-V-E story


Even if it takes forever
No place I’d rather be than
Flipping through this life together
Baby just you and me


REPEAT CHORUS and sing Doob doobedeeedoopdoop……


Lonesome Is

Written By: DiAnn Walkinshaw

Lonesome Is C © 03/2006 Walkinshaw/Walli/Berens/Schmitz

Intro: C | G/H | Am7 | Fmaj79 | Gsus4

Lonesome is
Am Fmaj7 G C
How your touch is simply drifting dust
G6 G G6 Fmaj7
Dancing in the autumn breeze
And how I feel
Am G/A G9 G Fmaj7 Dm7 G
When I hear your voice in the rustle of the leaves....calling my name

Am Em
Lonesome is when I see your face in passing clouds on a sunny day
Dm7 C/E F
These lips, that remain unkissed
Gsus4 C Gsus4
Is lonesome in every way

Lonesome is
The feel of your heart beating close to me
When it's only in my dreams
It’s the way
I feel about you when you don’t feel the same for me….mmmhh

And lonesome is how I'm missing you ‘though I see you each and every day
A love that’s given and not returned
Is lonesome in every way


Dm7 Em7
Seeing that ring on your finger
Knowing it's not from me
Dm7 Em7 F9 G9 Am
Makes me realize my dreams can never be reality

Instrumental: Am G Em7 Fmaj7 2x

Verse: Am Em
There's no choice but to move on ‘though lonesome wants to stay
Dm7 C/E F Gsus4 C
But living this life without you is lonesome in every way

Ending: C | G/H | Am7 | Fmaj79 | Gsus4

Jodi Perkins (and me)

Written By: Frank Berens

Jodi Perkins (and me) © 05/2007 Frank Berens

Intro: A Asus2/G# F#m7 Asus2/G# 2x

A Asus2/G# F#m7 Asus2/G#
She caught my attention right from the start
A Asus2/G# F#m7 Asus2/G#
She looked so beautiful from deep within her heart
A Asus2/G# F#m7 E
I took the chance, “Do you wanna dance?”
Hm A/C# D E
That’s when we started with that wonderful romance.

She invited me to meet her at her house
She lives (or lived??) in heaven right underneath the stars
So magical, never seen a greener grass
Hm A/C# D E A
And then we headed off to our first slow dance

D E A E/G# F#m7 E
Jodi Perkins, I’ll never forget that name
D E A E/G# F#m7 E
I’ll always have the pictures painted in my brain
D E C#/F F#m E
(It) feels so good dancing cheek to cheek
D A/C# D9/E
Holdin’ tight, movin’ slow
Jodi Perkins and me

Intro: A Asus2/G# F#m7 A/E 2x

Next day, another date, we ran into some friends
Without thinking I made some compliments
All of the sudden she stared at me
And then I knew that this is not just a game

REPEAT CHORUS (am Ende bei “and me” F#m E

D D9/E A
Jodi Perkins and me

Outro wie Intro