Frank Black

Frank Black

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This is good music, on all spectrums. Stuff anybody could vibe to. Sounds and styles of the future generation. This is your world, outside of the box. Away from what is now the norm. My aim is to entertain while bringing us to higher levels of thinking. If you love live music, this is where it's at.


“Frank Black”

…is Hip Hop's next breath of fresh air. Controversy, confidence, boldness and a lot of soul is what you can expect from Frank Black. Although compared to Jay-Z, Nas, & Fabolous at times, Frank is in a league of his own. Unique and pure lyrics flow from this fresh young hip hop artist/producer.

Born and raised in Woodbridge, Virginia, of a Sierra Leone descent, Frank Black learned about the opportunities his parents put before him by raising him in America. Frank has seen his parents go from living in a two bedroom townhouse with 4 children to a 6 bedroom home with acreage and running their own businesses in America and Africa abroad. Hardworking parents taught Frank that having integrity and applying your self pays off.

Frank began to develop his gift with words at the age of 12, but only as a hobby. Shortly after however, he realized he had something special and took his talent to a greater level. His influences range from the Notorious B.I.G., Big L, Jay-Z, Andre 3000, Lauryn Hill, and all the late 60’s and 70’s soul music. He says life itself influences him each day to do what he does. “My purpose is to energize the good music movement. I’m trying to bring people back to a higher, self-aware state of consciousness.” Real issues, real thoughts, non-conforming to the average penetrate every song from this hip hop alumni.

Frank Black has been featured on the 2007 “Silversmith Mixtape,” and the “Officials Mixtape.” His “Breath of Fresh Air” mixtape followed by “The Unquestionable Truth EP” is soon to be released.