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Let US PRAY!!! (Dedicated to all the dislocated workers and servicemen and women in the U.S.A.)

Written By: Frank Carothers

I worked Ten years in a "factory"
just to learn Life has NO guarantee,
and just before they "Shut the doors", they outsourced a man just to sweep the floors...
My severance check was a week's pay doubled, but nobody thanked me for my time, or my trouble. They just sent me to a two-year college, and told me to seek more modern knowledge.
I took "science" and "history" and conquered math anxiety, but did NOT attend the campus "marriage-rally", so Nancy could leave Bob, just to marry Sally. And for the first time in 40 years, the new school rules have brought me to tears. There will be NO prayer at my graduation, just a "politically correct" salutation. There will be NO "invocation" at my graduation, just a note from the preacher "NO solicitation". There will be NO "benediction" at my graduation, might the devil be the cause of ALL this "agitation"?
They predict NO jobs after graduation. Teacher blames it on "illegal" immigration, but I know the Chinese can make it "faster" and "cheaper", as our trade debt grows deeper and deeper.
I grauated with a "3.9", so I could work off my "brain" instead of my "behind". But I couldn't find work after graduation, so I volunteered to serve our Nation. And just before they sent me to war, Uncle Sam put me in the Chaplain Corps. Now I say prayers for our "heros" everywhere. Never give up hope, just say that ole prayer...You don't need more "Modern Knowledge", just say that ole prayer they took out of college... You don't need more "Modern Knowledge", just pray the prayer, they use to pray in college...You don't need more "Modern Knowledge"...just let us pray... to stop the "carnage"... (or last line...You don't need more Modern Knowledge, but could you say a little prayer for your "public college"...)