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Frank Cole


Frank Cole provides soul-gospel music reminiscent of Donny Hathaway and Marvin Winans. Heralded as the “gifted tenor” by, Frank's music is filled with R&B and soulful grooves coupled with soul-stirring lyrics. Likewise, Frank delivers an unforgettable passionate live performance.

Biography recording artist Frank Cole performs the soul-stirring worship song “Hosanna” featured on the CD release “The New Soul (Various Artists)”. He gives listeners a “soul-gospel” sound reminiscent of Donny Hathaway and Marvin Winans.

Frank’s life and music are both heavily influenced by deep, soul-searching moments. He’s come to sincerely desire to be led by the Holy Spirit. However, things weren’t always this way.

As a young child, Frank did not attend church. Instead he liked staying home with his Dad on Sundays. That all changed on one particular Sunday before Frank’s seventh birthday.

His Dad came to realize that Frank needed a spiritual foundation. So his Dad made him go to church with his Mother and siblings on that appointed Sunday. “That was the start of my spiritual journey,” Frank recalls.

Frank’s first spiritual steps were made at the Community Temple COGIC in Saginaw, MI. At the very first service he attended, Frank was moved by the music, especially the drums.

“Listening to the drummer woke something up in me,” Frank remembers. “I know it was for the wrong reasons, but I really only wanted to continue going to church just to hear the drums.”

By the time he turned 8, Frank started playing the drums in church. He soon taught himself lead guitar, bass guitar, and keyboard.

Eventually, Frank and his three sisters started singing as a vocal group known as The Cole Kids. (The group would eventually also include Frank’s younger brother and Stellar Award nominee Marcus Cole.) The group performed at churches throughout Ohio and Michigan.

Despite his music advances, Frank was retreating in many other areas of his life. “As a teenager, I really struggled with low self-esteem,” Frank says. “Others made me feel ‘different’, like I didn’t fit in. That really hurt me.”

While he tried to use music to cope, it just wasn’t enough. Frank began making self-destructive decisions that left him further hurt and totally empty inside.

Recalling that time period, Frank says, “I asked the Lord, ‘Who am I?’ I told Him I wanted to see me as He sees me.” Frank came to understand that he needed more than just music. He needed spiritual substance.

So, at a summer church revival service in his late teen-years, Frank gave his life to Jesus as his Lord and Savior. “Since that time,” Frank states, “I’ve been learning to place my self-worth in the sufficiency of Christ as I daily meditate on His Word.”

Frank has also been learning more about God’s plans for him in music ministry. “It’s been my personal dream and prayer to continue to sing for Jesus, but this time for the right reasons and with the right convictions,” Frank says.

During the past several years, Frank has performed as a background vocalist for his brother Marcus. He also has written the musical score for a theatrical production and has served as minister of music for a few churches.

“Music is my passion,” Frank says. “Good music helps me to think about important spiritual matters. This is what the Lord has called me to offer to people through my own music.”

In addition to “Hosanna”, Frank also performs the songs “More Than Conquerors” and “What Do You See in Me?” (duet with June Long) on the CD release “The New Soul (Various Artists)”. calls Frank a “gifted tenor” and also characterizes his music as “smooth balladry”.

“My music is rich with R&B and soulful musical textures,” Frank explains. “Lyrically, people will hear the Truth—God’s Word--in a thought-provoking way.”

Through his soul-gospel music, Frank will be leading people in their own Christ-centered, soul-searching moments for many years to come.

(Go to to watch an informal video of Frank performing "Hosanna" live in a recording studio.)

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-- featured on The New Soul (Various Artists) CD

"More Than Conquerors"
-- featured on The New Soul (Various Artists) CD

"What Do You See in Me?"
-- featured on The New Soul (Various Artists) CD

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