Frank Deno

Frank Deno

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My music is southern hip-hop with an edge. It describes events taken from my own life, and put into a lyrical perspective which is capable of capturing the essence of survival in the face of adversity.


From the heart of New Orleans comes Frank Deno. An emcee born and raised in the currently hurricane Katrina damaged Ninth ward. Frank grew up in one of the biggest and most dangerous housing projects called Desire. It was there where he first learned and understood the word survival. His music reflects his background speaking about life below the poverty line and trying to find a way out, whether it be positive or negative. With an infectious delivery, creative southern wordplay, and mollatic production, Frank Deno is the definition of the Big Eazy.


Frank Deno's debut album is called Live From The Plantation. The first single is a laid back groove called N.O chill currently being played on local radio stations in Louisiana.

Set List

15 mins.

Songs depend on audience.

Songs from debut ablum:
- Raise Up
- Misty
- It Neva Rains Champagne
- N.O. Chill
- Anotha Fell Victim
- Soul Of A Rebel Slave
- Sitting (While I'm Spitting)
- Street College
- Use Me Right
- Beware Of The Beast
- Dirty Out There
- N.O. Chill (Radio Edit)