Frank Duvall

Frank Duvall


This, the second release by Robert and Frank, continues the high level of original writing, spontaneity and improvisation in the acoustic jazz idiom


Robert Lewis, Frank Duvall, and Quentin Baxter have found they have an unusually strong chemistry when playing together as a trio. Their varied musical backgrounds come together in a very creative, intuitive and connected way. While remaining firmly grounded in the tradition of the music, these three focus on the interactive element that is the essence of jazz music. This focus, whether it is applied to standard songs or their own original compositions, makes every performance a fresh and original experience. They are carrying on the exploratory tradition that gives great music its vitality. Listeners feel this energy, and are carried along on a ride which is always exiting, unpredictable, and unique.

Robert was the 1998 winner of the Downbeat magazine "db" Award for Best Jazz Soloist. He holds a Bachelors degree in saxophone performance from the University of Idaho, and a Masters degree from Western Michigan University. While at Western, he had the opportunity to study extensively with legendary drummer Billy Hart in addition to his normal course of study.
After teaching a year at Western while Trent Kynaston (his own teacher) was on sabbatical, Robert moved to South Carolina and has quickly become very involved in the area music scene, including teaching saxophone and jazz at the College of Charleston.

Frank is one of the most respected and sought-after acoustic bassists in the Southeast. After receiving a masters degree from the University of South Carolina, Frank moved to New York City, where he played both the Blue Note and Birdland jazz clubs. Currently the musical director at the Charleston Grill, Frank continues to play with some of the best touring talent to come through the state.
A small sample of his performance resumé includes numerous performances with Marian McPartland, Freddie Hubbard, Buddy DeFranco, Chris Vadalla, Carl Fontana, Peter Appleyard, Harry Allen, Jon Stowell, Andy Watson, Steve Watson, Dizzy Gillespie, John Faddis, Nneenna Freelon, Chris Potter, Larry Goldings, Bob Belden, Bennie Green, Kevin Hayes, Bill Stewart, and Bill Charlap.

Quentin, a Charleston native and graduate of the College of Charleston, serves on the C of C faculty as Adjunct Professor of Jazz Percussion. He also attended the University of South Carolina, Columbia. Quentin comes from a family of drummers: both his mother and father played drums in church, as well as his three brothers. "I've been playing percussion instruments in church for as long as I can remember," says Quentin. "As a matter of fact, I don't remember not playing some type of percussion instrument!" And even though he's been playing professionally for many years now, having a very "blessed" career working with the likes of Charlie Byrd, Billy Childs, and Marcus Roberts to name a few, he recalls some of his most memorable and impressionistic musical experiences in the low-country area playing in church and with the students and faculty of the College of Charleston.


"Fearless Jones" - 2002; Swagger" - 2000

Set List

all original music - set list varies