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Franki Baaz


Franki Baaz was nominated 2 times in 2005 for Best Alternative Rock Band 2005. Once by Los Angeles Music Awards and once by Rock City News. For more info go to Rock City News at and L. A. Music Awards at



All three CDs, "The Marriage of Sex and Love", "Passion Blue" and "Wisdom" are being played continuously on the Austrialian commercial network stations, ISON, which is worldwide network. The songs from all the cds are averaging a total of 25 spins a week.

"Over-Sexed Hot Mama" is also getting airplay on Indie 104.7fm Radio LA and the link to the playist is: Check it out and request it when you log on to the page.

Also, "Bird with a Broken Wing" is being played on BIG 100.3 a commercial station out of Orlando Fl. USA. Below is the link to the station playlist if you wanta check it out at:

For more info go to and


That's Not Love To Me

Written By: Franki Baaz

You ask me to accept half of what we had
you say it is the best of both worlds
but you fail to see that it's the same old thing
the story of no time and betrayal

Then you say that you need time for your art
And there’s no time for love
and you can be happy with a crumb here and there,
it’s better than nothing and should be enough

That’s not love to me (3X)
Riding on what we once had (1x)

Well the whole thing looks so undone
me wanting more, you backing away
I'm weiry of the story, the same old song
love I deman but can never claim

That’s not love to me (3X)
Praying for what might be (2X)

In Love

Written By: Franki Baaz

Love is a passion beyond any fashion
or sense of what could or has been

Sometimes in my dreams I wonder extremes

and think that I know it's grand scheme

I'm just player in my own illusion
facing the daily assults of my unions

like all hearts I've know through all my life

tortured and cuddled in a struggle with love------(1x)
With love ------(same note 1x)

Please don't dispise me for my indulgence
of wanting to taste the sweet fruit of love
and not being able to tell the real difference
between love that's induring and transient lust-----
With love ---
With love ---1x)

For through it all I have learned so much
lessons I might never have known
had I taken the road so narrow and true
but left me with fears of things I never knew-----


"The Marriage of Sex and Love" is Franki's 5th indie release. "Passion Blue" was her 4th and "Wisdom" was her 3rd. Before that, Franki Baaz did the Great City project. 2 albums were released with the Great City ; "Great City" & "Earth Dreams". Both albums were played in heavy rotation in European and US college (CMJ rated) radio. The 1st solo project for Franki was "Wisdom" which was played on Australian commercial radio ISON for 14 months and reached the top 10 on their charts 3x. 2nd solo project was the 2003 release "Passion Blue" album, which was played around the world, on internet, commercial and US college radio. And received outstanding reviews globally. "The Marriage of Sex and Love" recieved 2 nominations in 2005, and is currently getting airplay around the world on internet, college and commercial radio. Currently Franki is recording her 6th indie album.

Set List

35 - 55 min set with mostly songs from Passion Bue and The Marriage of Sex and Love;
1. Carry On
2. Bird
3. So Crazy
4. In Love
5. Marriage of Sex and Love
6. And the Moment Passes
7. That's Not Love to Me
8. It's You and I
9. In the Name of Love
10. Over-Sexed Hot Mama