Franki Baaz

Franki Baaz


"FRANKI BAAZ is a long time veteran of the L.A. music scene that has somehow managed to escape major media attention.".......NeverEndingWonder Radio


Franki Baaz had 1 cut from both the 'Passion Blue' cd album and the 'Sex and Love' cd album played on MTV and VHS, in 2006. And in 2005 Franki Baaz was nominated 2 times for Best Alternative Rock Band 2005. Once by Los Angeles Music Awards and once by Rock City News. And all 3 of the last Franki Baaz albums are getting 20 to 25 spins a week on ISON, the Australian commercial radio network which plays music globally, UK & USA BREAKING POP Ch.O105. And a song from "The Marriage of Sex and Love" album, is getting airplay on INDI 104.7, a local L.A. commercial radio station. All three CDs, "The Marriage of Sex and Love", "Passion Blue" and "Wisdom" are being played continuously on the Austrialian commercial network stations, ISON, which is a worldwide network. The songs from all the cds are averaging a total of 25 spins a week.


That's Not Love To Me

Written By: Franki Baaz

You ask me to accept half of what we had
You say it's the best of both worlds
But you fail to see its the same old thing
The story of the swine and pearls
And you say you need more time for your art
And there's not time for love
And you can be happy with a crumb here and there
And it's better than nothing and should be enough.
Well that's not love to me
Riding on what we once had
Well the whole thing looks so undone.
Me wanting more, you backing away
I'm weary of the story, the same old song, love I demand, but never claim
So take that sorry tale of love and give it another to hold
Im tired the pain and all the good-bys
cause that's not love to me

Wishful Dream

Written By: Franki Baaz

I Dream a wishful dream
You and I a sandy beach
feel of skin smooth and clean
I taste I feel I endulge
Scent of Jasmin drifting
i call your name and feel you deep
feel the beating of your heart
so close so strong so stroking
I know the vails of neptune
and i know the way of forgetfullness
and dream of lost happiness
where all my visions will come true


The Marriage of Sex and Love (2005), Passion Blue(2003), Wisdom(2000), Great City, Earth Dreams, Great City, Great City

Set List

Thats Not Love to Me, So Crazy, Over-Sexed Hot Mama, Bird with A Broken Wing, The Pain, The Marriage of Sex and Love, Carry On, It's You & I, Down, In Love. 10 songs, Set usally last about 45 to 50 min. No covers.