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" on The Being of Me"

I’m certainly very enamored with your style. This song succeeds simply because it’s an excellent composition and you deliver it with understated flare. Moreover, the production is very appropriate to the tune. I like it a lot.

First, the track is very poetic without being self-consciously so. It is straightforward, yet has – due to the honesty of its inward gaze – an engaging quality. The lyrics are roughhewn, there is some crowding of syllables and there is some colloquial elision, However, none of these feel bothersome to my ear at all, as they indicate a feel for natural, every day expression that is very likely to win you ears.

Secondly, the music has a similar feel to the lyrics in that it is also casual seeming, almost sparse. When message and means agree the result is good art. You haven’t cluttered your composition, but have drawn in – as it were – light pencil lines of soft lead, lines that highlight the effect of what you are doing and don’t distract or detract. Good touch.

Finally, although it should have been first, the melody is very charming. I can seldom explain why I like or dislike melody lines, but I like this one. It’s easy to recall without being trivial in its repetitiveness. -


The Six Year Getaway - 4 songs
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In the 5th grade I swore never to sing again after performing an embarrassing one-line solo in the school musical. I think my mom might even still have it on videotape. To her embarrassing equals adorable. Must be a mom thing. In contrast, the lead in that same musical went on to be the famous front man for the band, Something Corporate. Maybe I should have practiced more.

Though it’s apparent now that I didn’t follow through with my vow to stop singing, I did abstain into high school. Then a good friend of mine convinced me to sign up for one of the choirs with him. I slowly gained an appreciation for music, and soon I was harmonizing for hours on end. “Brown Eyed Girl” and “American Pie” became commonplace in the bus lobby of the school. With the help of two other friends, our tunes took a turn towards barbershop and we began busting tags until the janitor kicked us out. Our school wide popularity drove us to record a CD called Bus Lobby Tunes, permanently documenting the beginning of my musical career.

Although I didn’t continue in choir past high school, passion for the singing kept me singing. My voice sounded alone without the company of others, and soon I found a new form of accompaniment: my guitar. I remember sitting alone in my living room perplexed by the fact that new songs kept coming out on the radio. There are only so many chord combinations, leaving me positive every possible song had already been written. And then I discovered Oval Opus, a group of guys that I hung out with, partied with, and traded acoustic originals on the guitar with. This was the first band that I personally knew who could write songs that moved and inspired those who listened. I was driven to follow in their footsteps and start writing my own music. I came to discover that I could communicate poetry through song. That I too could write the types of songs and words that people could relate to. I began to bring my guitar everywhere and play for anyone who would listen.

By the time I was 20 in 2002, I dropped out of college in search of my dreams of becoming a musician. I had written enough songs to record a full album and found a studio online, which wasn’t much more than a handful of mics and computer equipment. We laid down acoustic guitar and vocals for 12 tracks, mixed, mastered, and turned out World Undercover, the kind of album that can only be created by idealistic youth. Derived from dreams and a bit of self-reflection, World Undercover soon became a hit among friends and family.

Summer 2002 I joined the Navy and set off on a 6-year journey to kill my musical career. I brought my guitar everywhere I went and tried to write and play as much as I could, but the job made it very difficult. Through the years, however, I wrote the songs that would soon form the core of my next album.

It was the response to my newest song “Different Side”, that convinced me to enter an open mic contest in the summer of 2006. That year I played in Manette, WA every Wednesday for several weeks, and as I played and sang my heart out that summer I gained fans and friends alike. Drawing crowds and votes with my newest originals and favorite covers, I placed first with a cash prize and future promises of gigs. The response and support I received for my music that summer was enough for me to take my songs to the professional level and try to turn out a real CD.

When I found Stephen Sherrard at Dbar Productions, I knew he could take 4 of my acoustic songs and turn them into the full band productions they are today. His years of experience, know-how, and amazing recording studio allowed my songs to reach the level they really deserved. I’ve since made 1500 polished copies of my CD, put together a great website, and started promoting to online sites, magazines, and stations.

At this stage I’m looking for reviews, fans, publicity, labels, radio, airplay, articles, features, streams, downloads, contacts, musicians, distribution, websites, and anything that will get more people listening.