Frankie D [TRM]

Frankie D [TRM]

 San Francisco, California, USA

Frankie D [TRM]'s music is Urban/R&B with a soulfull sound. This music is very relevant to the Current R&B music on the radio now. My music is orginal and all songs written by myself and through the creative thought of myself. I believe my music is timeless and could be played many years from now.


Born in San Francisco, CA of Black & Portuguese decent. My father being a R&B singer himself raised me to sing at a very young age and living in a household where most of the music that was played came from Motown hits. This framed the direction and genre of music I chose to enter which is R&B/Soul.

Two of my favorite singers are David Ruffin and Marvin Gaye and both have had big influences in the manner in which I perform and the tone, pitches and subject matter and I strive to become as effective of a artist as they were.

Although my exposure to music wasn't limited to them, coming from a mother (Portuguese) who exposed me to a lot of Pop Music and uptempo styles it gave me an edge and seeing a picture of her and Teena Marie when they were in their 20's reenforced my passion for becoming a singer. However growing up in the inner city of San Francisco the Hip-hop/Rap scene influenced me a lot and especially artist like Tupac, Ice-Cube & many Bay Area artist and many R&B groups of the 90's such as Boyz II Men.

What sets my music apart from others is that no matter how music is moving in whatever direction, my music remains on one format, my format and if I am writing a song and it sounds and feels good to me than that is the music you will hear. Whether I met a nice looking lady at the bar, or looking for the right girl, Or giving you a taste of the streets from an inner city perspective my music does this and much more.

I began recording original music in 2002 once I graudated High School and during High School years basketball and Football took up much of my time. Since 2002 I have came in 1st Place 2002 Sacramento, CA Black Expo, recorded with many local Rap artist, opened up for Rap powerhouse E-40, performed and worked with Artist like Erk The Jerk & Big Rich who are also local artist who are established. I've performed at many showcases and lounges in the Bay Area and now that I have finished my undergraduate studies at St. Mary's College,

I have collaborative projects being pressed up with artist "Tay Assasin" a Rap/R&B Album called "The Suite Life of Gambizi & Frankie D" on Itunes Now. I am currently releasing my R&B EP "The Real McCoy" which is now on Itunes and coming soon to stores.


The Real McCoy EP (On Itunes Now)

Track #1 Delirious
Track #2 Bad 1
Track #3 I Gotta Know
Track #4 So Smooth
Track #5 Preview
Track #6 Ghetto (Dirty Version)
Track #7 Ghetto (Clean Version)