Frankie G Da Mex
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Frankie G Da Mex

Houston, Texas, United States

Houston, Texas, United States
Band Hip Hop Latin




"Where to See Some Live Music on Thanksgiving"

"If you need a side of angst mixed with phat beats to aid in the digestion of your pumpkin pie, this is your show. HPMA nominee Frankie G Da Mex lays down the straight truth as he sees it and it's no holds barred."

- Houston Press

"‘Watch the Bishop’ – Bishop Black’s Concert/Birthday Bash"

"He’s got a solid stage show, and is very comfortable spitting his tracks, and controlling the stage."

Nick Mar of -

"HPMA Preview: The (Relatively) New Kids (Sorta) On The Block"

Frankie G Da Mex is a rapper out of Fifth Ward-adjacent Denver Harbor, where he grew up with gangs, drugs and violence, and it all shows up in his lyrics,.. - Houston Press

"Breakfast Uv Champions – Weekly Highlights of Hip-Hop; The Music & Culture"

"It reminds of alotta cats that I grew up rapping with, just raw, straight forward and to the point. Meat & Potatoes flow, but Frankie G got his Cassius Clay on a bit on this song." - Nasty Nique of

"Reviews By Timmay: Frankie G Da Mex – Black Diamonds & Red Lambos"

“That’s why I’m riding through the hood wit no strap/ That’s why they riding 5 deep wit no gat.” When I heard this song I automatically knew I would enjoy this cd. It was all Delivery. - Timmay of


Da Official MexTape (Mixtape 2011)
Black Diamonds And Red Lambos (Mixtape) 2012
This How We Party (Single) 2012
Da Official MexTape 2 (Mixtape 2012)



Born Frank Granados, Frankie G Da Mex was raised in the inner city streets of Denver Harbor, Houston Texas. A neighborhood stricken by poverty, filled with gangs, and overrun by money and drugs. A place where much isn’t left for a child's future, but ask Frankie G and he’ll tell you otherwise. “I saw the worse and I wanted better. It was a chance to have something when you come from nothing. Any farther I could pass from where I was, is a success.” Single children raised by a single mother, Frankie G quickly fell into a downward spiral and into the street life. “I was a smart kid, I just followed the wrong path, hung with the wrong people. I was kicked around from school to school for stupid things, acting out basically". But after attending a new school Frankie G found what would be his destiny, his calling, hip hop music. “I used to walk by the lunch table as the black dudes were beating on them making beats, I’d run up in and start flowing (freestylin). They didn’t know my name so they would call me 'Da Mex.’ Here comes Da Mex. One day I just put it all together, Frankie G Da Mex”.

Soon after Frankie G Da Mex starting making his own mixtapes under his independent label called I-10 Entertainment. “I was selling cd’s in high school, local music stores and getting recognized. My mom had to drive me to shops just so I could pick up the money cause I didn’t even have a license to drive [laughing]. With time, Frankie G's lyrics became stronger, sharper and started gaining recognition in the local hip hop circuit. He continued to make recordings, mixtapes, and performing gaining a local and state fan base. In 2004, he was approached by Artist Manager Humpty Hump, the man who helped Lil Flip become a Platinum selling artist. He joined with Sucka Free Records as a joint venture, but the album was never completed because the lack of funding. Not to be stopped, Frankie G continued recording, performing and perfecting his craft. In 2008, he added acting to his resume, co-starring in the indie film "Through The Valley" with Danny Trejo, (HEAT, American Me, Machete... ) He also had his track "This How We Party" featured in the movie and soundtrack. "I liked the movie gig; it was fun but hard work. I can see myself doing more."

Frankie G is currently working on his debut album appropriately entitled, " Da Album." It is set to release this summer under his record label I-10 Ent. He's also looking forward in signing a major record deal. "I wanna a major deal. Not because of the money or fame, because I want people to hear my music. I major deal can get my music and message to the world, and that's what I need."

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