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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Solo Hip Hop Pop


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Motherfuckers need to wake the fuck up and stop fucking around with this fake ass bullshit rap, and get with this perfect Frankie Payne magic. I can’t even be all professional and sophisticated about how much I want you to wake the fuck up and place Frankie’s music in your life and environment. The Clarity Intro” alone has more profound, timeless brilliant poetry in it than many modern MCs have across their whole mixtape or album.

“Rappers don’t get respect from me until they raise the bar!” Frankie proudly proclaims on the Big Sproxx produced soul banger ‘Bigger’, where Frankie reminds cats they are bigger than the block, and the hood. Wisdom abounds across this album, please believe it. The orgasmic pornstar sounds you hear over the twinkling piano keys are a warning that you are about to hear hardcore hip hop greatness by the best producer in the game Rich Kidd (yeah, I said it), and the bassline erupts from the ground to lay down the foundation for Frankie Payne to teach sleepers and eediyats that he was holding shit down in the streets long “before MuchVibe and 93.5?. My blood felt like it started boiling lava when the hook came crashing down into the speakers. I’ve seen this song performed live, and it is equally amazing both on record and in a live performance. Nuff respect to how it has a pre-chorus leading up to the explosion that is the hook. Your rap life isn’t complete until you are part of a mob of Toronto b-boy yardies screaming “MEK A BWOY TRY! MEK A BWOY TRY!”

“The Code” finds Frankie updating Biggie’s ‘Ten Crack Commandments’, but goes to a spiritual, genius level with his Rules of Survival. “Love is a weapon/ evil niggas use to manipulate their bredren/ simplify the message and uncover the intentions cause/ there’s little you won’t do for love”. It’s eternally brilliant nuggets of insight like that which separate Frankie from the vast majority of MCs putting out music in 2013.

His voice is soothing yet severely serious, his flow is easy to listen to, but often might surprise with some unique wordplay, and his balance of being both street knowledge and a deep scholar is the exact reason why Frankie Payne’s name is worthy to be mentioned alongside legends like Rakim, KRS-One and Talib Kweli.

The interludes spread across the album are some of the most perfect reflections of Toronto hood life, drama, and drug dealing realities that have ever been shared with the world. “Force Feed” is a chilling vision of a supplier trying to peer pressure a yout into selling crack instead of weed, and his twisted conscience reflecting on it. ”Are we too Canadian for revolution?” Good question, brother. ’The Instinct’ featuring the sweet vocals of Trish floating through the melody and the chorus, talking about what ghetto people have to do to survive. And it’s rather stunning to hear the double-time violin strings create the intensity of ‘Foolish Pride’, produced by Rene ‘Snaz’ Hill. How they take Barrington Levy’s timeless hook and turn it into R&B gold is quite wonderful. And if you ever think it’s all about dropping jewels and threatening wack punk ass motherfuckers, ‘Follow Your Heart’ exists to talk about relationships, women, and beautiful connections between people. “All We Need” takes Frankie Payne’s lyricism to dimensions farther than expected, and Erin Reese’s honey-sparkling voice warms up the hook just deliciously.

So if there was any question Rich Kidd was one of the best producers in hip hop, listen to ”How To Make A Monster”, and try not to keep saying ‘holy fuck’ while the beat swarms relentlessly around your skull. Peace to Theology 3 who appears on the joint to drop jewels the way he always does so well.

“Clarity” features impeccable productions from Toronto kings like Big Sproxx, Tone Mason, Rich Kidd, ‘Snaz’, and others, and the top level vocals of Trish, Theo 3, Kolor Brown, Snipe Dog and Erin Reese. There truly hasn’t been a Canadian hip hop album this full of wisdom and sincerity in what seems like forever. And just when you thought the tear-jerking truths of “Children of Children” by Oscar Brown Jr. was a perfect way to come full circle to the “Clarity” intro, Frankie blasts you with “Bullets Don’t Have Eyes”, a hype ass cold-hearted number that Big Sproxx injected with the exact amount of necessary energy to make its message grab you by the throat to listen.

The “Richard Ryders interlude” and grand finale “Richard Ryders”, by Tone Mason are just too fucking brilliant for words. What is a nickname for Richard? Think about it, then laugh. And then realize that having clarity, both literally and figuratively, is the best thing you could do in your life.

Frankie Payne made a modern hip hop masterpiece here, and that’s classic on an international ratings, not just Canadian standards. Let’s be very fucking clear here: YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM IMMEDIATELY. This is one of the best hip hop creations I expect to hear in 2013.

Love to Frankie Payne. -

"Toronto Concert Picks for Thursday: Frankie Payne, Daft Punk Tribute, Gondwana"

"Frankie Payne belongs on your Toronto summer sound track LP release for the MC’s sprawling and ambitious new Clarity, which should make for a lively christening. At 20 tracks long, the record never wavers as it shines an unflinching light on the many roads he travelled to get here, but also on this city in its current political annus horribilis — if that sounds a litt - Tonronto Star

"Thought of the Month: Frankie Payne “Clarity” Release Party Review"

"On June 11, 2013 by urbanevolution Where: Wrongbar When: May 30, 2013 In a city where everyone claims to be a rapper finding my way to Frankie Payne was unexpected and refreshing. I stumbled into Wrongbar with absolutely no expectations on a muggy Thursday evening. My hangover from the previous night of partying was at the peak of its life cycle. I quickly ordered my beer and waited for the show to start while Dj Grouch dropped gems from hip-hop’s vault. The crowd started to fill in and Theo3 skillfully performed tracks from his new project “Enticement”. A very down to earth and humble Frankie Payne hit the stage, his demeanor quickly changing to terrorize track after track with relentless lyrical precision and skill. Payne’s new album “Clarity” flows like an autobiography, ranging from feel good tunes like “Follow Your Heart” to head bangers like “Mek a Bwoy Try”. Both the album and performance show a level of mastery that should be a prerequisite for all " - Urban Evolution

"Frankie Payne Clarity - Review"

"It's an appropriate title, Clarity, for the latest LP from "underground" rapper Frankie Payne. Formerly known as Jugganot and currently of the Freedom Writers collective, the Toronto, ON-based artist from the much-maligned Jane-Finch neighbourhood has been a regular fixture in the local scene. Clarity sees Payne slow things down a bit for his most introspective and mature-sounding release to date. Tales of drug money and salacious street exploits abound, but are skewed towards weighty reflection. Aided by syrupy soul loops, leaning on production from names such as Rich Kidd, Tone Mason and Big Sproxx, Clarity is marked by standouts such as "By Myself," "Follow Your Heart" and "From Time." Comparing his older material to now leads one to note Payne is at a different stage, one where love, life and loss have changed him on a conscious level. "You won't change anything until you change who you are," Payne intones on the brassy "Bigger." And we're inclined to believe him. (Independent) " -



But lyrics like that doesn’t come from just come from anywhere. Is all about the grind and no one knows that beter than FRANKIE PAYNE. Just look where he came from. - ROCHESTERFOREVER.COM


My favourite rapper, Frankie Payne, from my dear city, Toronto, just dropped a new joint. Love this shit! - REECE


The Freedom Writers never cease to amaze me with their lyrical abilities and the relevant social and political subject matter that they draw attention to using their music.

This latest video from Frankie Payne, proves just how talented each member of this collective is. - BADPERM.COM


1994 - On a Mission (Album)
2000 Everythings For a Reason (Album)

Mix CDs
2005 Reality Check
2007 Real Talk (Reality Check Volume 2)
2009 - I Am Frankie Payne - EP
2010 - Street Wisdom

1991 - Bubble Gum (Video)
1991 - Straight From the Staff (Video)
1994 - Can I get a Yo (Video)
1994 - Dear Dad - Single
2000 - Canada
2000 - Paradise
2008 - Reach (For My City) (Video)
2009 - Money
2010 - Give Thanks (Video)
2010 - My Life Feat. Saukrates
2011 - Raining in Toronto Feat. Andreena Mill
2011 - Hard Headed
2012 - The Goal

2003 - Do Right Remix (Rochester Juice) (Video)
2005 - The Hood is Here Remix (Jelly Stone) (Video)
2008 - Born and Raised in the Ghetto Remix (Point Blank) (Video)
2010 - I'm From Jane Remix (Street Code) (Video)
2011 - New North Album - No regrets Feat. Kardinal Official & Kim Davis



Born in Toronto's West End Frankie Payne at a young age fell in love with hip hip. This connection began too manifest itself when Frankie, At age 13 he joined a rap group called Split Decision. After a few successful single and video releases (Bubble Gum, Straight form the staff) the group signed to Attic Records,changed the name to Graphed Logic, and released the hip hop album On A Mission.

Later, after a childhood lived on the unforgiving corners of Jane street and a long time love affair with music, the stage was set for his first independently released album EVERYTHING IS FOR A REASON, under the moniker JUGGANOT. This album became legend in Toronto's Hip Hop community. A few years later he independently release two Mixed CD's Reality Check Vol 1&2. Around this time Frankie was also featured on several high profile Hip Hop Singles (The Hood is Here Remix - Jelle Stone, Born and raised in the Ghetto Remix - Point Blank). 

In 2008 Frankie decided too re-invent himself, resurrecting his movement as Frankie Payne and the Free People Association releasing the hit  single Reach (for my  city). A classic and positive rendition of our city, captured so the listener can share the experience. This track received rotation on commercial radio cross canada and signalled Frankie Payne's return. Shortly After he released the IAMFRANKIEPAYNE EP featuring MONEY (BOI-1DA) then in 2010 he released STREET WISDOM. The lead single "GIVE THANKS" gave Frankie the opportunity to showcase his versatility and let his following know he could manipulate melodies as well as be a decisive MC. In early 2011 Frankie released "My Life," feat. Saukrates. That year he also released two more singles with a bit of an "edge", HARD HEADED feat. "Fire-Kid" Steeny and RAINING IN TORONTO feat. Andreena Mill. Not to mention as a member of the Freedom Writers he had multiple releases (Wake Up, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Arizona Bay, For The Change etc.) 

In 2012 Frankie Payne debuted "The Goal". Later that year in preparation for the release of CLARITY he released FOLLOW YOUR HEART which solidified Frankie as a well rounded artist with strong writing and delivery, lyrically and/or vocally.In 2013 Frankie released the highly anticipated CLARITY album. Well received by the canadian hip hop community and featured on many blogs and entertainment related sites ( &,, etc.). The album featured some the cities top producers (Rich Kidd, Tone Mason, Snaz, Sproxx) with guest appearances from Theo 3, Kolor Brown, Trish and many more. The hard hitting and intricately arranged beats coupled with Frankie's clever and knowledge fortified lyrics deliver a uniquely Toronto experience, captured musically.

On top of a large catalogue of material Frankie Payne is a seasoned performer and dabbles in all aspects of his Kraft. Production, songwriting, Art design, Video production, He's nee deep in it all. Frankie Payne personifies what a MC should be: witty, intelligent, confident, calculating yet smooth. Against all the odds & the adversity he has persevered, while making continued contributions to the world of music. He looks forward to making bigger strides in a forever evolving music industry.

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