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Spend My Life With You

Written By: Francis Patrick Theriault

A certain way you smile
and make a funny face.
The way you hold me,
love me, kiss me,
Can never be replaced.

When we're asleep at night it's clear
Your body needs it's space.
But while it rests apart from mine,
Our feet touch
In a warm embrace.

I love to taste your lips on mine,
I love to feel your skin.
when we make love the sum
Our bodies make is one.
Your lips and skin on mine,
Nothing excites me more,
I want it all the time.

Emotions hiding in your body
say you don't love just anybody.
You love me, as I love you.
There's nothing we can ever do
To keep those feelings down.

I'm Just a Man

Written By: Francis Patrick Theriault

I'm just a man
Like a child in your eyes.
Please understand,
Look at me, no disguise.
My love is simple,
Pure and so true.
I'll always love
the girl that is you.

So kiss me,
Please kiss me,
Just show how
You love me.
I need you
Let's make sure that
we never part.

I'm just a man
Who acts silly sometimes.
All I can hope,
Is that you understand,
How my love is simple,
Pure and so true.
and I want to spend
My life loving you.


I'm Just a Girl

Written By: Francis Patrick Theriault

I'm just a girl
sitting at a table
drinking coffee
cause I'm able,
to do that.

I'm just a girl,
Never had a chance
at romance.
I'm not able
to do that.

I dress so well,
wear calvin Klien,
My makeups flawless
all the time.
My seams are straight
Just like me.
My love life, though,
remains empty.

I'm just a girl
who's smart nd pretty,
I love the passion of big cities.
But hen it comes
to loving someone,
Something's missing.
Something's missing.

I have a job
selling self-help publications.
I'm in charge
of my department,
I can do that.
I can do that.
But when it comes to loving someone,
I can't do that.
Something's missing.
something's missing.

I'm just a girl
all alone now.
Drinking coffee at my table,
Cause I'm able
To do that.
To do that.

You Are On My mind

Written By: Francis Patrick Theriault

When I wake up in the morning
And I go to sleep each night.
When I'm shopping att the market,
You are never out of sight.
You are on my mind.
You are on my mind.

When I'm watching television
And I'm shopping at the mall.
When I'm doing some revisions
Of this song I want to call,
You Are On My Mind
You are on my mind.
All the things I do in life
are relegated to a place,
That leaves me time to think of you,
Make sure I have the space,
for you to be
On my mind,
siempre on my mind.

When I'm cooking us some dinner
Or I'm making love to you,
and I'm hitting me a winner
On the tennis courts for you.
You are on my mind.


When you're busy with your family
Or you have to go to school,
When you send me a text message
That I think is rether cool.
Te quiero mucho,
Besitos porti,
You are on my mind.
Juliana's on my mind.

You are on my mind,
Siempre on my mind.