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"Frank jurgens - Last Call At The Tiki Bar (CD)"

There is so little in the way of feel good music out today, and it really takes someone like Frank Jurgens to inject a little bit of sunshine to what is a pretty bleak era of music. “Date Night, the Game” is a track that ties together a wide swath of music, playing on the works of individuals like Jimmy Buffett, Tom Petty, and even Warren Zevon. The chorus hits and sticks with listeners, no matter how long it may be since the last time that individuals have heard the disc. “Last Call At The Tiki Bar”, the titular track, is another high point for Jurgens on the disc. The track itself continues the trends heard during “Date Night, the Game” while adding some interesting new twists and turns to the mix.

This means that the track showcases a love for the works of a Randy Newman, with a piano line that will titillate while keeping a solid momentum. “I Ain’t Proud About It Baby” is another album-expanding track: a fifties sound comes forth that taps both the rockabilly and early rock style, while still showcasing Jurgens’ unique allure. The track deftly balances the instrumental and vocal sides to Jurgens’ album, with each side going full-bore throughout the song. “Who’s That Lady With the Long Blonde Curly Hair” continues to shake things up, with Jurgens going way back to almost a jazz style for the space of the song. Despite all these trips and treks through the corpus of American music, the talentshown here by Jurgens is the common thread that unites everything on “Last Call At The Tiki Bar” and ensures that listeners will stick with the disc throughout.

If you want your music to both be crafted with the utmost care as well as bring a smile to your face, picking up “Last Call At The Tiki Bar” is essential. After doing that, see the magic that is created in an intimate live setting when Jurgens takes the stage; I’ve not been yet, but I can’t help but feel that it would be a trip.

Rating: 8.6/10 - NuFutur Magazine, April 09

"Review - Last Call at the Tiki Bar"

First off, I have to mention the front cover of this new record—Simply Awesome! All summer, completely tropical and always laid-back is the vibe that bounces off from the art. You see two palm trees holding up a hammock made of piano keys while the sun beams are gleaming in every direction. I, myself, am a HUGE summer/tropical person, so much respect for the cover art. Sand, beaches, water, palm trees, sandals, your favorite summertime drinks (margarita!) and of course that fun-in-the-sun/kick-back-and-relax mentality I definitely relate with. Not to mention the bright colors used for the front cover are so appealing and inviting—job well done!

The feel of the cover feeds right into the sound of the album. Jurgens mixes rock, reggae and even blues to produce a very fun & refreshing sandsation. Last Call at the Tiki Bar starts off with a very old-time, vintage rock & roll sound. Track two displays a rich array of instruments such as: tuba, trumpet, sax, trombone and drums. The title track offers up an island groove blended with a boogie-woogie feel—very cool. On “Mr. Blues Man”, Jurgens and his Sun team slow things down a bit with bluesy guitar playing along with light tapping on the drums and soft strokes of the keys. Song #7, “With You, With Me”, provides a very nice piano medley by none other than Mr. Summertime Blues, Frank Jurgens. The following installment has an infectious harmonica sound that could be enjoyed in any bar or better yet, Tiki Bar. “Squeeky Sheets” actually has a country, blues sound that I will categorize as classic, saloon style. Jurgens wraps it up by going out on a sentimental note with “Never Let You Go”.

This piano-based singer/songwriter has a lot to offer to listeners on this album with so many styles mixed together. You also hear terrific players backing Jurgens in stellar fashion throughout the whole recording. Frank Jurgens’ record will definitely heat up the scene with this new release. Soak up the sun and take a splash with Last Call at the Tiki Bar. - SKOPE Entertainment


Last Call at the Tiki Bar - CD Released April 2009



With the release of his high energy, Sun Soaked Blues, Rock, Reggae-splashed indie debut album Last Call At The Tiki Bar, Frank Jurgens is living the dream of every aspiring artist who sits behind a desk in corporate America, champing at the bit and wishing they could live their passion.

A self-described "weekend musical warrior" who's been hailed as a cross between Jimmy Buffett, Delbert McClinton and Jerry Lee Lewis, the singer, songwriter and pianist - who limited his gigs to weekends for years because of his outside responsibilities--finally broke free in 2008 from his successful but creatively unsatisfying career. Now, the world and the summer music festivals all around the country are his oyster, and he's enjoying Red Stripes and Mai Tais galore as people everywhere are kicking back, grooving along and listening up. The New Jersey born and raised, East Coast based performer's upbeat, bluesy renditions of his colorful and witty originals and classics offer the perfect remedy for anyone trying, as he did, to escape the doldrums of everyday life.

While embodying the image of the All-American "regular-guy", Jurgens is already inspiring thousands of people with his clever, "What Me Worry?" vibing songs about beaches, blondes, bars, bikinis, booze and boats, belting out island music as hot as the noon sun in the Caribbean yet as cool as the mist coming over the bow of your (real or imagined) docked catamaran. Currently expanding his gigging to more tropical climes, Jurgens has thus far been a sensation in his home region of the Northeast - where, let's face it, folks do need the escapism and warm friendly breezes his music offers.

In addition to many private events, outdoor town green events, outdoor fairs and local chili and blues festivals, he is a regular performer at Angelico's Lake House, Tiki Hut and Beer Garden in East Hampton, Connecticut and the Horton Smith House, a resort lodge in the Catskills. He has already been invited this year to open for Aquanett, one of the Northeast's premier rock bands, at Granby Charter Days, a huge outdoor festival in Granby, Massachusetts which will draw upwards to 10,000 people and is putting together a huge CD release party for Last Call At The Tiki Bar on May 29 at Pazzo's in the heart of Springfield, MA's entertainment district. He's going the whole nine yards for this festive breakout gig - featuring his monster band, authentic beach barbeque and clambake, with sand, palm trees and volleyball nets. He plans to do numerous similar-themed release party events at various venues throughout the summer months.

Jurgens whose development as a performer and songwriter included study at the famed Berklee College of Music, brings that passion to tracks whose titles convey the sunswept, sandy and offbeat vibe that defines his far off, tropical musical mindset: "Last Call at the Tiki Bar", "You'll Be A Good Song Someday", I Only Drink with My Friends, and Sometimes By Myself", "Watering Hole", "Squeaky Sheets", "This Bottle of Wine" and the "I saw her first" themed "Who's that Lady with the Long, Blonde Curly Hair?". The bluesy, uptempo romp "I Ain't Proud About It Baby" is every man's story of "sorry 'bout that honey, can't we just move past this?"

The singer invites us to experience his tender, romantic side on "Never Let You Go," which was inspired as a proposal theme to his, now new, wife, while the toe tappin' cool of the title track conveys the fusion of fantasy and reality where everyone's having the time of their lives and nobody wants to leave -and if they do, they'll just continue partying on the beach.