Frank Leyland

Frank Leyland


Frank's work is theologically inspired. "Matthew 24" is the words of Jesus, lifted from that chapter. Dramatically apocalyptic. "Love one another" again is directly from the Scriptures: find the word "love" in a concordance and see how many times Christians are exhorted to "love one another".


Living on Merseyside, Frank was exposed to massive musical creativity, and actually spent some time in John Lennon's kitchen.
Dylan is in there too: an immense creative talent. Was talked into learning guitar whilst working as a General Handyman on a holiday camp in North Wales.


Matthew 24

Written By: Frank Leyland

(1) Let's get our minds set on the Lord
For once more the earth will be shaken
Each one receiving his reward
One will be left as one is taken.

(2) After the Tribulation, the sun will darken, the moon will not shine
All the heavens will be shakin'
And the stars will fall from the sky
All the wonders and the judgements have all been stored
Let's get our minds set on the Lord.

(3) Just as the lightning flashes from the east out to the west
The signal of His return will appear to the doomed and to the blessed
The word of the God of love is a two-edged sword
Let's get our minds set on the Lord.

(4) There will be anguish among the crowds
as the Lord will return from Heaven
Each eye will see Him upon His clouds, He will remove all unwanted leaven
Let us turn from the evil now which has gone abroad
Let's get our minds set on the Lord.

(5) Two men will be walking side by side across a field
One will vanish as they're talking
One will see but one's been deceived
When Noah built the Ark, how many went on board?
Let's get our minds set on the Lord.

(6) Two women will be working just like any other time
One will disappear but the other will lose her mind (and her soul)
Where do you keep your treasure, where is your hoard?
Let's get our minds set on the Lord.

(7) Call on the Lord and He will find you
We're in the last days, in the last hour
Don't let anybody blind you
Flee from Satan to the Saviour's power
Don't lose soul forever 'cause it will never be restored
Let's get our minds set on the Lord.

Y'shua Ha Mashiach! (Jesus is the Messiah!)
Shalom Barukh Ha Shem.