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Franklin's Key

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Alternative EDM




"Franklin's Key"

The song "Ghost and Me" was written both by Ryan Koch and Leeane Melendez. Ryan was going through a break-up and wanted to express his grief through a song that he had composed an instrumental for. He wrote the first verse, which caught Leeane's eye, however, she though the song needed more of a cohesive theme. The two did some thinking, and ended up likening their past-relationships to "ghosts," because they always somehow come back to haunt us. This was the first song Ryan and Leeane shared the lyric writing duties for because Leeane had previously written all of the lyrics to Ryan's instrumentals. The outcome of the song changed their songwriting process for the better. The two now collaborate on every aspect of their music by mutually sharing a stake in the creation of lyrics, melody, and instrumentals. - Round Magazine

"Franklin’s Key – Ghost and Me"

Exclusive interview with Franklin's Key. - Warped Magazine


Here at Jivid Digital we love new music, new sounds, new looks and more. With the relaunch of Jivid and the release of our upcoming App we will be featuring new artist, and doing exclusive interviews and photo shoots to give insight on these emerging artists.
We were recently lucky enough to sit down with SoCal band FRANKLIN’S KEY as they prep for the release of their debut EP ‘Fantasm’ on October 13, 2012.

Full interview on site. - Jivid Digital

"Good Medicine w Dr. K - and Franklin's Key"

Leeane Melendez and Ryan Koch of the band, Franklin's Key join me for another fun night and a live set in the intraffik studios at Bedrock in Echo Park. Songs: Castles in Air, Bells and Whistles, Ghost In Me.
Discussion topics range from the healthfulness of dirt and the importance of family and friends.
Check it out!!
Dr. K - inTraffikRadio

"Meet the group: Franklin’s Key"

Franklin’s Key is a musical collaboration between Leeane Melendez and Ryan “DJ Lionbear” Koch. The two met in 2012 after Ryan decided to take a break from recording with guitar to experiment with beats and electronics on the computer. After getting comfortable with instrumentals, Ryan had Leeane write lyrics and melodies to their first track, which is now known as the song “Believe.” Confident in their writing process, the two decided to keep up their collaboration since both have found disappointment with the lack of commitment from members in their previous bands.

In other words, one fateful day in 2012, the heavens opened up and lightening struck down in Los Angeles to create the musical collaboration that is Franklin’s Key…

…HaHa Kidding :) - Eat My Success

"What Cool Shows Are Going On This Week In LA? (October 8-14, 2012)"

Franklin's Key's EP release concert at Universal Bar and Grill on October 13th made the list of cool shows. The word is getting out about them. - Grimy Goods


Still working on that hot first release.



Franklin’s Key is composed of vocalist Leeane Melendez and producer/instrumentalist Ryan Koch. Their collaboration began in January of 2012 when Leeane responded to an ad posted by Ryan. Leeane wanted a new direction for her music and Ryan was searching for a vocalist for an electronic music project. Although both were heading down uncharted territory, it didn’t take long before they were producing demo tracks. After several successful shows they decided it was time to move forward with a proper release. Their Fantasm EP was released independently, on October 13th, 2012. They have been performing throughout Los Angeles since, building a dedicated fan base. They recently caught the ear of two talented producers who took their self-released material and added another dimension to the sound.

With their new single, “Ghost and Me,” hitting the air waves, Franklin’s Key is looking forward to unleashing their unique take on electronic music, going on tour to meet fans while creating new ones, and continuing work in the studio towards a larger release. Be on the lookout for more music from this fantastic duo in the near future.

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