Franklin's Way

Franklin's Way


Franklin's Way is a band that packs powerful lyrics and catchy melodies into a small 3-musician package. The band's music spans genres from quiet folk to hard rock and everything in between. They play in and around the New Haven, CT area. The new EP will be hitting record stores and itunes soon!


Franklin's Way, named after the road where the band practices is just starting to grow in poplularity. They formed a few months back and became and imediate sensation in the Guilford/Madison area due to their catchy melodies and song variety. A power trio to the core, Franklin's Way shows how full a sound can be with just 3 people.

Anthony Abu-Hanna and Julian Weisser started the group after both of their previous projects came to a close. Anthony was the drummer in the locally notorious alternative group Dr. Defribulator and the Flatliners. Julian was calling it quits with his electric blues duo. Songs came naturally and soon the two had an impressive list. They just needed someone else to fill in the sound.

That's where Andrea Purzycki came into the picture. Julian knew her from his experience in Guilford's High School theater program and asked her to join. She holds everything together with her rock solid bass lines.

That's the story so far but let's make it interesting...

Book Franklin's Way, Buy the EP, make history with us!!!


When Turtles Fly EP - January 25th 2008
1. Alberta
2. Roses
3. Emma
4. Waiting On Love
5. Whatever You Do (Know It's Okay) - EP Version

Set List

Sets can be from anywhere from 30 minutes to about an hour and a half. Franklin's Way plays almost entirely original material

Original Songs
Whatever You Do (Know It's OK)
Genuine Sinner
One Of You
Waiting On Love
Highway Blues
Blew This Shit Wide Open

Franklin's Way usually do very few covers if at all and if they do them they try to make them their own and play them differently than they were originally performed. In the past we have played the following covers but usually it was only a onetime thing

Summer In The City
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Pride and Joy