The Frankl Project

The Frankl Project

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

"That night taking in the Frankl Project changed my life" "This might be the surprise local recording of the year"- Three kids, a few ideals, a little talent and a lot of heart hoping to play music for anyone willing to listen. So listen, won't you?


"In searching for a phrase to describe The Frankl Project one comes to mind: GOING PLACES!"-

Since the release of their first EP in 2004, The Frankl Project have:

Played hundreds of shows regionally
Won the 2009 Cincinnati Entertainment Award for best punk act
Released two (Soon to be three!) self-produced records
Toured the midwest in 2006 and the east coast in 2008

We have shared the stage with:

Bottom Line (Maverick Records), The Bouncing Souls, The Dead Milkmen, Defiance, Ohio (No Idea Records), David Dondero, Go Betty Go (Side One Dummy), Harry and the Potters, J Page (Nice Guy Records), The Lawrence Arms, Left Alone (Hellcat Records), Los Gatos Negros (plan-it-x), The Misfits, Mustard Plug (Hopeless), Much The Same (A-F Records), No Trigger (Nitro Records), The Phenomenauts (Springman), Ryans Hope (Punk News Records), Seepeoples, The Toasters, and Westbound Train (Hellcat Records).


Life at Sea

Written By: Jacob Tippey

In the middle of this war we wage with the other side of the world
I’ve found myself a light in the eyes of an Irish girl
They sing to me so softly, I get lost in her smile
And then I forget the world, if only for a little while

And that’s just what I need
Is another damn distraction in a life at sea

And I feel like a man on fire in the face of the ocean breeze
Or the light of a funeral pyre through the tops of the tall, tall trees
A beacon or illusion, the faith of a man exiled
Extinguished but so soothing, if only for a little while

And that’s just what I need
Is a fleeting glimpse of hope in a life at sea

When the heavens open wide may the waters wash me clean
For we live our whole damn lives in these ships of steel and steam
And in this mass confusion I feel like a little child
But it helps me forget the girl, if only for a little while

And that’s just what I need
May love provide a purpose for your life at sea

Westward Expansion

Written By: Jacob Tippey

Traveled East for a moment
Whirling sand in my eyes
Crossed a sea of illusions
Tailor made to disguise

The combat of airplanes
Such a bombastic sound
Whose allegiance is fair game
Lying deep underground

Third world is the first; our new world is the last
So concerned with the future we forget the passed by
Sometimes I wonder why our want belies our need to survive
So when I see that oasis will I know what I’ve found?
Desert life once untainted lying charred on the ground

Started believing we’re just like them
Am I dreaming?
My tires are rolling this fuel is controlling our lives
Can I wake up and drive?

Pirate Radio

Written By: Jacob Tippey

This is a Pirate Radio
Sign off
Sign off
Just another broadcast sent from the underground where the streets are torn apart

Gone with the day the signal's
Been lost
Cut off
Left with the sound of the bombers run that resembles the beating of my heart

Stops as my gaze it drops to the dim lit floor, broken bodies outside my door,
You know I never asked for this, one last goodbye, now I wonder if I’m even missed
Like the silhouettes on my wall, burned in like a memory, etched into charcoal
They fall as my mind recalls and it trips, hanging on the words "abandon ship!"

This place is a wasteland I said, the ship is sinking come hold my hand,
"Hand of an enemy!" you screamed, "I’d rather die right where I stand"
And so two sides in the course of a ride couldn't ban together to filled with pride,
But when said and done tell me who has won when we're living on the onset of oblivion.

We’ve regained transmission of my own volition in this battle of attrition
Our chances of survival are just one out of a million
So I guess that’s me and I’m sitting in position
Reciting their diction

Because they'd burn down my house if I disagree
With their mandate from heaven and their divine decree,
So be glad you live free of tyrants and dictators
They won't silence you now they'll get rid of you later.
And they'll cut out your tongue if you use it against them,
For these actions and words they will kill you and then some
So if you're listening then we've already lost, and all that's left to do is sign off.

This is a pirate radio
Sign off
Sign off
Just another broadcast sent from the underground where the streets are torn apart

Another day the signals, been lost they won't come back for me
Because I’m finding myself
Cataloged on a shelf
Out here trapped in the land of the free.


Cost of War (2004)
Pirate Radio EP (2006)
Procedural Shortcuts & Operational Failures (2007)

"Pirate Radio", the title track from our 2006 release, has received airplay on Infinity Broadcasting's 97.3 WAQZ Cincinnati and on 88.3 WAIF.

Set List

A usual set is 30 minutes, though we can play over an hour if need be. 7-10 songs per set, mostly original with one or two covers thrown in from our repertoire which spans everything from gospel music and roots rock to old school punk and Bob Marley.


Life at Sea
American Idle
Home Tonight
Tail End of a Movement
Pirate Radio
California Burnout
Dulling the Edge
Soapbox Soldier
Westward Expansion
Dusty Roads
The Past


Bob Marley- One Love & Lively up Yourself
Beatles- Hello, Goodbye
Rancid- Roots Radicals
Common Rider- Radio Waves
Smoke or Fire- Culture as Given
Against Me!- 8 Full Hours of Sleep