Frankly Speaking

Frankly Speaking

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Influences from The Killers, Jacks Mannequin, Coldplay, Blink 182... Songs that paint a perfect picture, and catchy melodies that keep you hitting the repeat button...not to mention were all really good looking:)


"Talent cannot be defined into a category or genre, it just is", says the frontman and singer/songwriter behind Frankly Speaking. The sounds Frankly produce range from piano pop vocal to acoustic guitar, and everything in between. Frankly Speaking describes their sound as a combination of Coldplay and The Killers with some punk rock and acoustic folk rock influence. Listeners may appreciate the rarity that no two songs sound alike on there three albums. Their first album, “Edit, Undo” debuted in June of 2007 and contains the track, “Wasting All My Time.” This track was not only included in two CD compilations, but was also nominated for “best punk vocal” at the L.A. Music Awards. These accolades are well deserved, as this band has worked vigorously to develop their musical skills, not only creatively, but instrumentally as well. Frankly Speaking’s various mediums of expression provide a great range and likelihood of connecting to their listeners. “If you can paint a picture well enough to show your listeners exactly what you were feeling/thinking when you wrote or recorded a song, then you really have something' says Front man and songwriter Jordon Schneider. Check out upcoming dates, new songs, and merchandise for Frankly Speaking at and on iTunes.



Written By: Frankly Speaking

chasing our tails, running in circles again.the night starts crashing, were going no where but no one seems to care. my life starts flashing, infront of me. just hold my hand. start trusting me. i am your friend. confide in me, try and believe, this could be something.

we cant see. what exactly the next step is. where we'll b. just try and not second guess this. soon youll see. everything that youve been missings, inside of me. its inside of me.

well i walk you home, so your not alone. the night starts falling. sometimes im a mess, but im not depressed, when i see you callin. when i hear your voice, i feel safe and sound. like im inside the eye of a hurricane. you hold to me, i hold onto you. this could be something.


dont make me, throw away, everything that weve earned. were almost, at the top. can you feel the sunburn? its infront of me, just hold me hand, start trusting me, i am your friend. confide in me, try and believe.