Frank Norwood

Frank Norwood

 Marlborough, New Hampshire, USA

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Where I Belong

Written By: Frank W. Norwood

Where I Belong

Well it snowed too much
that cold New England day
and I knew my buddy Stephan
wouldn’t be over to play

So I looked out the window at
that Boothbay Harbor scene
and I wished all the answers
could come so quick and clean


I’m not looking to find my youth
oh I would settle for a little a bit of truth
I just wanna know where I belong
stumbling main st
singing my song

So I walk to the corner
for cigarettes and more
You know I hate the attitude
of everyone in that store
Well you can hate too much
love not enough
oh I rue the day I came back to this town

3rd verse after lead repeat of
“You can hate too much
love not enough
oh I rue the day I came back to this town”

©2003 Frank Norwood all rights reserved
9 Highland St. Marlborough NH 03455

Maine's Biggest Bar

Written By: Frank W. Norwood

Maines Biggest Bar

Come with me
to the city
We’ll play this gig tonight-
we’re gonna be the stars
Down the alley and
through the side stage doors
Do the sound check– then go have a beer

Chorus 1

Hope to find some love tonight
Playing to this audience of one
Gonna sleep in the van again
But hell we got to play
Maine’s biggest bar

On the road
with the new cd
All originals– some really killer hooks
There’s an agent here
been following us for a year
Loves our sound– but she can’t stand our look

Chorus 2

You’ll never make it in my city boy
Until you shave that facial hair
I’ll get you fixed up with an earring
Then we’ll have to take it from there

Took this job
In the nursing home
I Like the hours-Really like the pay
When my mood is low
I think about that show
The time I got to play Maine’s biggest bar

Chorus 3

Hope to find some love tonight
Playing to this audience of one
Gonna sleep on the couch again
but hell- I got to play Maine’s biggest bar

©2002 Frank Norwood all rights reserved
Words and music by Frank Norwood

You're An American

Written By: Frank Norwood

You're an American
by Frank Norwood © 2003

Take a look out the window at what you are

a string of possessions as far as the eye can see

Your evil nature is rolling like a storm of black clouds

pushing the world down to its knees


A little harder

A little greedier

A little meaner

You're an American

Oh say can you see- you're an American

Verse 2

You write the screenplays so you're always the star
You conquer the town and get the girl
As an audience we're sickened but we can't turn away;
you've set the stage in our own backyard

(Repeat Chorus)

When the worlds finally smoking I hope you'll be proud
there won't be anything left to carry off
But you and your father will be walking arm in arm
What hell will gain we won't mark as a loss

(Repeat Chorus)

Bobby Dunn

Written By: Frank W. Norwood

Bobby Dunn
(Written by Frank W. Norwood)

Bobby Dunn doesn't come around anymore
since I kicked his ass in basketball
I keep candy in my drawer
still he stays away

Hiding on the fifth floor behind
a locked door
pecking away on a broken keyboard
I could buy him a new one
but let him take the pain

He's not afraid of me
he's only frightened by one thing
uno pistachio grande

Verse 2
He writes crooked code in javascriptease
until his eyes are blurry
He hopes to find a way
to always work from home


Bobby Dunn
Your code has won
You've beat that old man down
But I've yet to see
Your destiny
exposing that gay old clown

Repeat Verse 1