We have bad throwing arms.


Residing in Brooklyn, New York, Frankpollis have been playing around New York for almost 3 years. There original sound can be compared to Pavement/Stephen Malkmus, Jeff Buckley, Sigur Ros, Liars, and The Cure, (Just to name a few). Singer/Guitarist James and Drummer Jackson played in a band called P.F.F.R. which was made up of the creators of MTV2's Wonder Showzen. Although young in age, Frankpollis show maturity and collectiveness, and they have one of the most original sounds in the New York music scene.


James Pollis Band EP (2003)
Nothing Song (P.F.F.R. Remix) (2004)
Frankpollis EP (2005)
New EP In The Works

Set List

Here's the list of a few of our songs:
E Flat, Pull, Sore, Malk, Mother/Father, No Name, Expectations, You'll Never Know, Truth's Been Told, When The World Stops Turning, The Wrong Way, Nothing Song.
These Songs range from a mere 3 minutes to up to 6 or 7 minutes.