Frank Princiotta: Heart Rock

Frank Princiotta: Heart Rock


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Thunder When It Rains

Written By: Frank Princiotta

Just a little boy- a long way -from a man
A long and rocky road-can you understand?
Thunder -yet no rain - bodies in the sand
Come here - little boy -let me hold your hand
My Little boy-I wish - you would not cry
Thunder yet no rain- you wonder why
The wars, the blood the pain, its hard to understand
Maybe someday son - peace across the land
You ask why we fight -its hard to explain
Maybe cause their different- they're- just not the same
Maybe that they worship -the wrong God - is to blame
Maybe -that is why - thunder yet no rain
Instrumental Interlude
Little boy- what does your future hold
The promise -of the Spring -or Winter's bitter cold
The wars, the blood the pain, bodies in the sand
or maybe- someday son-peace across the land
Thunder just when it rains- peace-- across --the land