Frank Riley

Frank Riley


Avant-garde art rock Organ. I am a solo Organ player with a very origional sound. Singer-Songwriter. The sound is a thick minimalism.


The music is avant-garde art rock on the organ with singing.
I have been in many bands. The all broke up and broke my heart. I guess I have to keep my love of people and conversation divided from my musicianship. So what do I do? Yes... a solo thing. Oh god so lonely so... so lonely. But I can always talk. And so I came up with this most unusual musical style. What I do is play two keyboards as if they were only one. That is I play the same sound and octave with both hands interlocking them in a pattern on two of the same keyboards. It is truly avant-garde with thick minimalist racing stripes down both sides. I just want to play really. And if I have to come up with some weird new sound to do it... so be it.

Set List

I can do three Forty Five minute sets with about seven songs per set. I could do much more in a cool jazz atmosphere. All original songs.