Frank Travesty

Frank Travesty


Fun, energetic bigbeat party breaks from Brisbane, Australia!


I like my electronic music loud, energetic, fun - or sometimes a bit dark - and full of funky grooves and meaty beats. It's gotta be repetitive enough to get me up and groovin', but dynamic enough to cater to my fifteen second attention span.


What Goes Up

Written By: Peter Baksheev

Out all night, on the piss,
Droppin' pills, lines of wizz,
Lights go down, sun comes up,
Call a cab, leave the club,

Can't sit still, whole way home,
Grinding teeth, cracking bone,
Shiverin', dartin' eyes,
Sweatin' when, it's realised...

Tension mounts, yearn for bed,
Will to speak, long since dead,
Cab pulls up, stumble in,
Close the door, manic grin,

Chop and pack, smoke a bowl,
Calming nerves, killing soul,
Mind slows down, senses dulled,
Sweet relief, angst now culled.


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