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We Do This - Da Mixtape was recorded in Ft. Lauderdale. It has some of the hottest tracks that will prove right the statement " We Make Hits." This Mixtape features tracks created in Atlanta, Miami, West Palm, Arizona, New Mexico, Ft. Lauderdale, just to name a few places. Hot Producers, like DJ Swiffy, Hot Shot Production, DJ Entice, Dutch-Masterz Productions, and much more. This mixtape will definately show the leaders in the Music Industry, that Broward County has major talent, and its not to be looked over. We anticipate a movement that will be so big, that Ft. Lauderdale will be reconized and placed on the same level as South Beach or even Atlanta. Weeee Do This - Da Mixtape.



Frank Whyte was born in Tampa, Florida, into a family with financial instability. From an early age Frank Whyte was introduced to the negative aspects of life. His mother was only 16 years- old when she had Frank. Therefore, his mother had to make a decision that affected majority of Frank’s life. She had to give up the only son that she had at that time for adoption to his grandparents. Frank Whyte’s father died from being shot to the head and heart during a robbery. He was instantly killed. Frank Whyte was only 3 months old at the time. His mother’s living conditions were not safe for a baby to be raised in; there was lack of a clean and positive environment. Frank Whyte never knew of his mother’s existence until the age of twelve years-old, when he first met her.
Through the absence of his biological parents, Frank Whyte took on the role of music. Music was the direct way in which Frank Whyte’s feelings could be really understood. He allowed music to point him in the right direction by guiding him along the violent streets of Fort Lauderdale in Broward County, Florida. Not as fortunate as others, living an ecstatic yet stressful life, grievances often occurred. From losing the only mother that he knew his adopted mother (grandmother) to Pancreatic Cancer -a rare and incurable cancer- when he was only fourteen years-old, he had to become “something better” wanting to influence his life in a positive aspect. Still in high school, with only one parent left, his grandfather, passed away three years later from his appendix rupturing in a local hospital. Frank Whyte just turned eighteen years-old. Through so many losses and stress, it only motivated Frank Whyte to become a better man, graduating from high school, he became a legend in both sides of his family by being the first to attend College in which he could better his knowledge on Music , so that he could live his passion, and understand those in his atmosphere. Life has been a rocky-road for Frank Whyte, but because of it he can truly say, “Nothing in life means anything without the struggle, triumphing over the struggle is the best goal accomplished, that is why Music is the definition of every aspect of life well-lived.”