Frank Wuppinger & l'Orchestre Europa

Frank Wuppinger & l'Orchestre Europa

 Nürnberg, Bavaria, DEU

With a style all its own, the group skillfully and persistently developed its music, in which world and jazz are brought together. The group improvises with old European Music and own compositions. This will excite everyone, who appreciates virtuosity and enjoys a musical travelogue through Europe.


Countless trips through many regions all over Europe inspired the guitarist and composer Frank Wuppinger to found the “Orchestre Europa” in 2003. The name of the band itself illustrates the joy and challenge of mixing styles and traditions, which led Wuppinger to call the music “Crossover Worldmusic“. Through many concerts and tours in Germany and abroad, he has made a name for himself in the league of young, ambitious guitarists, for which the city of Nuremberg awarded him its coveted culture stipend. With a style all his own, he skillfully and persistently develops his music, in which the genres world and jazz are brought together.
A quartet of excellent musicians accompanies Frank Wuppinger. On the violin is Klaus Marquardt, who has played with the Fantastische Vier, John Lord, and the Heidelberg Philharmonic. Tino Derado plays the accordion; he has been with Garry Burton, Randy Brecker, Til Brönner and the NDR Big Band. Marco Kühnl, bass, played with Helmut Kargerer, John Davis and the Tilo Wolf Big Band. On the drums is Matthias Rosenbauer, founder of the Rosenbauer-Geschlössel-Duo, member of “Der Moment” and currently docent for percussion instruments at the College of Music in Nuremberg.
Frank Wuppinger & l’Orchestre Europa improvise with old European music in straight and odd rhythms, build a musical bridge to today, play for dancing, incite wanderlust and even nostalgia. The claim staked by the musicians encompasses East Europe and the Balkans as well as the Francophones and Celts.Those who appreciate virtuosity and musical travelogues through Europe will find great pleasure in the music of this group.
The Sueddeutsche Zeitung described it as “world music without bounds and barriers, which radiates emotion, a delight in playing and musical skill.“ The Jazzpodium (01/2011) 'Extremely energetic'.



2003 'live' (Spice Records)
2004 'Hablo más - entiendo menos' (Spice Records)
2007 'Le Grand Rouge' (Laika Records)
2010 'Fais ton Cirque' (Upsolute Music Records)

Radio Airplay:

'Musette fuer Hanna' (Wuppinger-Le Grand Rouge)
'Tcai Shukarie' (Trad.-Le Grand Rouge)
'Caravan' (Wuppinger-Fais ton Cirque)
'Vlascencuta' (Trad.-Le Grand Rouge)
Temblor de Azotesas (Wuppinger-Fais ton Cirque)

etc. ....

Set List

Irish Dance (F.Wuppinger)
Zeitlang (F.Wuppinger)
Ballade in G-Dur (F.Wuppinger)
Tcai Shukarie (Trad.)
Caravan (F.Wuppinger)
Musette für Hanna (F.Wuppinger)
Minor Swing (D.Reinhardt)
Temblor de Azoteas (F.Wuppinger)
Vlascencuta (Trad.)
Bubamara (Trad.)
Osmosis Reel / Keeple Hall (Capercaillie)
Ostwärts (F.Wuppinger)
Aygiz (Trad.)
Hora Munteneasca (Trad.)
Jovano Jovanke (Trad.)
Valse Du Caribou (Hanu Kella)
Keras Voja e lumanke (Trad.)
Sofyiski Tantz (Trad.)
Gelem, Gelem (Trad.)

and a lot more ......