BandHip Hop

My music can be considered as feel good Hip Hop. It is inspired by my experiences of growing up in the inner city of Boston, being of Dominican decent and being a college student to name a few inspirations. It is an extension of who I am and is never lacking a message, creativity or originality.


Born and raised in Boston to Dominican immigrants Fran-p first began falling in love with music at a young age with the salsa, bachata and merengue which my parents listened too. As he grew older he began to submerge myself into the hip hop culture, and from there started to develop himself as an artist. He approaches music as an art form in which he derives influences from things such as his own trials and tribulations, other forms of art and many other aspects of life. These influences help produce music that is relevant to who he is. He describes himself as the degree of separation between a kid growing up in the inner city and a college graduate. This is evident in his witty lyrics and positive attitude.


Enter The Mind: The Mixtape