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Lake Worth, Florida, United States

Lake Worth, Florida, United States
Band Rock New Age


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"Blustery origins for rockers Franscene"

By Bill Meredith | Events, Local music | June 14, 2010
Lake Worth rock trio Franscene ( features three young guys from the same Lake Osborne neighborhood: David Trull (24, guitar and vocals); brother Will Trull (21, drums and vocals) and Shaun Cuddy (24, bass and vocals).
For the Trull brothers, inspiration poured from the basement rehearsal studio set up by their father, veteran area bassist Dave Trull of classic rock band Midlife Crisis. Perhaps the elder Trull also rubbed off in another way, as a Franscene performance is likely to feature not only the band’s reggae-tinged rock originals but also cover tunes older than the band members.

“We all have ADD, so we’ll move from classic rock to country to reggae,” says David Trull, the primary singer/songwriter. “That stems from our dad, who’s been playing since before I can remember. We’re busy recording some tracks right now, which we may release before the holiday season.”
A recent show featured covers from the ’70s (Roxanne by The Police), ’80s (a searing rendition of the challenging Tom Sawyer by Rush), ’90s (What I Got by Sublime) and ’00s (a funky reading of former local band Boxelder’s Love Light Affection, plus the theme from True Blood), all with unofficial band mom Lenny Trull dancing up front. Franscene actually learned much of its song list as a neighborhood quartet before tragedy struck.
“We’ve been together about six years, but only playing out for six months,” David Trull says. “We’d infused the names of the hurricanes Frances and Jeanne to make Franscene in 2004. We thought about changing it after our bassist, Cesar Figueroa, died in a car accident in 2008. Shaun had been playing keyboards and guitar, but he switched to bass, and we decided to keep the name to honor Cesar. Goodlife, on our MySpace page, features his voice near the end.”
See Franscene at 9 p.m. on June 25 at Havana Hideout, 509 Lake Ave., Lake Worth (561-585-8444), and at 11 a.m. at the all-day “Diggin’ the 4th” beach party on July 4 (with B-Liminal and The Resolvers) at Lake Worth Beach, 10 Ocean Blvd., Lake Worth (561-533-7367).

- The Palm Beach Post

"Supervillains with Sir Veza, Franscene, DP"

The Supervillains
with Sir Veza, Franscene, DP
December 30, 2010
Culture Room, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Review and Photos by Nick Morales

This was my second show at Culture Room, and my first as a discerning OutLoud music critic; I must say I was not disappointed.

By the time I pulled up to Culture Room there was a long line of people excited to end 2010 the best way any of us know how; hanging out in a crowded room of friends and strangers listening to some awesome live music. A half hour before doors opened, my boredom led me to ask around and see who people were most excited to hear play. Word on the street was that Franscene, rapper DP, and ska band Sir Veza were pretty decent; but it was no surprise to hear that everyone was stoked for the nights headliner; The Supervillains.

First up was Franscene, an indie funk band from Lake Worth and a great opener. As everyone filled in to find their spot for the night this three piece band really managed to set a pace that prepped the crowd for an awesome show. Despite Franscene's stripped down three piece setup (guitarist/vocalist, bass player, and drummer), they managed to convey the sound and presence of a much bigger band.

Sir Veza is a personal favorite of mine and this was only my second time seeing them live. The band out of Boynton Beach brought energy, excitement, and of course, an extreme brass section, particularly prevalent in the songs “Here I Am” and “The Wonder Years.” By the end of the first song, the crowd had been stirred into a frenzy as the skank pit grew wider and wider pressing everyone else against the stage or out of the way. Even I had to take a short break from taking photos to jump in the pit for a few rounds. While the "Killing in the Name Of" cover was unexpected, especially for a ska band, to say the crowd didn’t thoroughly enjoy it would be an outright lie.

Within this sardine packed room laid a crowd ready to belt out their favorite songs as a singular music loving entity.

Up next was a man with an oddly questionable name, DP. I’ve never been much of a rap fan but I couldn’t help but bob my head to the beat when he leaned out over the crowd spitting verse after verse.

As The Supervillains took the stage, I had to fight through a sudden mass of fans to reach a good spot. I thought that it was crowded before but apparently The Supervillains rolls with their own personal army. Within this sardine packed room laid a crowd ready to belt out their favorite songs as a singular music loving entity. The crowd certainly got their wish as The SV's took requests throughout the entire night. Even when the set was officially over, the band spared the crowd the wait and played straight into the expected encore.

Between a massive pit, blaring music, and a lone pink bra thrown on stage, I pity anyone who wasn’t there. You definitely missed out on a great show.



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Once upon a time the town of Lake Worth set it's envious eyes upon an elitist group of men codename FRANSCENE. As these three came spiraling down through our atmosphere they shared several goals in common... Fore traveling the vast and grand multiverse proved to be no competition that day, for these well grounded young men had stumbled right into the mass plethra of inspiration they indeed desired.

Beginning as a local favorite bar/cover band, FRANSCENE, explored various elements of stage and music pressence. The three piece soon began writing catchy, truly NEW sounding music like, CUBES, from the bands untitled Demo Albumn. The music being played likes to hang out on the edge of the ears of the world listeners. Franscene now spends their time playing shows bi-weekly or more when the mood is right. From the chaos of sound and silence, there is now a sweetness that sifts gently through the still and quiet air. All in his spirit, all in his name.