Frans Schuman

Frans Schuman

 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

They call me Franz,
They call me Zimmy,
They call me Franck,
They call me Hans,
That's not my name!
That's not my name!
That's not my name!


Frans Schuman is a an Indie Folkster from New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. He plays his raw sound with a broken guitar and a harmonica. He performed his first concerts in Europe where he played from drunkards joints to packed venues such as La Bellevilloise.
On a shoestring budget he recorded his debut album in July 2009 in a basement rehearsal room outside Paris. It will be released in May 2010.
“Sincerity, rather rare these days” comes out from his folk songs, inhabited by a “true spirit”. As one listener puts it: “I woke up this morning with the grey sky, put the radio on and poured myself a cup of coffee. As I heard that sweet folk ballad called Neon Dirt Road with this soothing voice all of a sudden the day didn’t seem that bad. Even my coffee has taste this morning!”


2009-2010 Frans Schuman

Set List

What A Day
Don’t Talk
Alone In Vain
Hey My Old Drum
He’s Got His Eyes On You
Soda Fountain Blues
Gutter Of My Mind
Past Western Sights
Neon Dirt Road
Ballad Of The Lost Town
Where The Sun Melts Your Eyes
When I’m Going To Get Blind