Frantic Planet
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Frantic Planet

Okmulgee, Oklahoma, United States

Okmulgee, Oklahoma, United States
Band Alternative Rock


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"Frantic Planet: Psychedelic Rock with a Twist"

It always starts off well with a band who cites Syd Barrett as an influence. Ten points for Frantic Planet.

The record opens with "Games We Play", beginning with a snappy riff and drums and bass to compliment it nicely. Steve's vocals kick in almost right away and I'm treated to a catchy tune that gets my feet tapping from the get-go. I start listening to the lyrics as the song unfolds before me, and I am enthralled. "Games We Play" is basically about manipulation. The lyrics are thought provoking and will bring to mind the times we have been played, hurt, taken for a ride.

As for the instrumentation of this piece, I absolutely love the guitar work. It sounds fantastic and there is clearly some serious talent here. The rhythm is contagious and th drums make it work. The bass falls in place perfectly and the sound of this song is very good. Steve's vocals are perfect for this piece. His voice blends smoothly with the music and everything flows together extremely well. With the lyrics, Steve's vocals, and the instrumentation of this song, I would be absolutely delighted to hear "Games We Play" performed live. This is a crowd pleaser like none other.

The second track, "You're So Cold", gives me a better sense of what Frantic Planet can do and what they are really about. It's got a bit of a British punk rock feel to it and it just flows beautifully. Steve's vocals are vaguely reminiscent of Iggy Pop combined with Billy Idol, and a bit of Richard Butler from the Psychedelic. This is a great piece of music and Frantic Planet has done it perfectly in their signature style.

"Lonely Days Again tones it down a notch, showing the lighter side of this band. This is a melodic tune that makes me want to hold someone while I close my eyes and drift off into oblivion, feeling warm and safe and content. The instumentation on this is gorgeous. The sound is excellent. Steve's vocals really come through crisp and clean. I can also hear each individual note that comes from each instrument. "Lonely Days Again" is currently my personal favorite so far.

The next piece, "No Control", starts with a guitar riff that makes me think of Kings of Leon for a minute. There is some funk going on in this one, then Steve starts to sing and I am reminded again of Richard Butler with a touch of Ian Curtis of Joy Division. The guitar really takes this track to a new level and this is another stellar piece of musical talent put on dispaly by Frantic Planet.

The final track, "California Nights", takes it won quite a few notches with a Jim Morrison approach. Eerie, giving chills, this song has serious attitude and I dig it.

Frantic Planet combines several influences on this short five song album, and I am confident that there is much more lying in reserve. - Rhonda Readence; contributing writer for Exciting City Magazine`


Frantic Planet has an upbeat single called Games We Play that has been played almost daily for the last 4 months on 91.3 RSU radio out of Claremore. The band is currently working at Valcour Sounds on their first LP which will be released in Summer of 2010.



Frantic Planet

Frantic Planet is a band whose music recalls a time when music was raw, cerebral, and not afraid to be light on one song, and loud and aggressive on the next.

Led by frontman Steven Fuller, the Oklahoma based band formed in March of 2008. Steven grew up listening to his dad's record collection consisting of groups such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Neil Young and The Buffalo Springfield. Steven recalls, "Here I was this seven year old kid listening to all this more adult oriented rock music like Neil Young and I just loved it and I was hooked." Steven started playing his dad's Alverez acoustic at age nine and has never been without a guitar since. His influences include bands such as The Jeff Beck Group, Lou Reed, Dylan, Syd Barrett and of course The Beatles.

Steven and drummer Gabe Hayes met in the late 80's and began playing in a 60's and 70's rock cover band called Moby Dick. After two years of playing assorted bars, the band split and Steven joined various Tulsa based groups such as Mercury Switch and Three Days Crazy. After gigging around Northeastern Oklahoma for several years, Steven split off to write and record his own music using various bass players and drummers including Gage once again. After doing some really interesting stuff together, they decided to form another group and added Robin Hayes on keyboards and former Moby Dick roadie Otis Thompson on bass. Since then, the band has been working on their upcoming LP and playing clubs such as The Other Side and the Back Yard Bar, as well as assorted private parties.

The music of Frantic Planet has roots in the past but is set solidly in the present. The band is finding its audience through circulation of the demo and playing shows throughout the green country area. Their high horsepower live show continues to draw new fans and the demo is a musical testament to their songwriting abilities.