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"From the Schoolyard to the TV Sceen"`s not common for a group as this in such a short space of time, but their confidence is justified by the quality of the performance and musicianship.. - Kilkenny People 29/07/05

"Snow Patrols Secret Success"

Snow Patrol support at Murphys Thomastown.. second on the bill was Invein, soon to change their name to Frantic State, due to copyright reasons.. aleady had played support to John Martyn and just hours earlier had appeared on TNG`s TV prog.. , they began their energetic set, lead man Robbie like a combination of Justin Hawkins and Bret Anderson, he bounced around the stage, arms outstretched like the statue over Rio.. the group got a fantastic response to their to their 6 song original set. - Kilkenny People 23/07/05


A rock band with a sound beyond their years. This is truly a band that is going places, with a sound to match. A young fresh sound on the scene, just what the doctor ordered to get the blood pumping..
..great to hear a band that has all the right elements, a great tight sound, great guitar work, rock stady druming, and brilliant vocals only expected of a band that has toured for years.. This is not just well written material, it is suberbly written and a credit to the talent of these young Irish musicians.. If your a radio station get your hands on the EP before the others..
Jack Hamlett, editor Irish Bands Live -

"Frantic State"

Fistly let me compliment the band, musically and technically they are excellent, harmomies are outstanding, and the lead guitar is also brilliant on all tracks, like something you would expect to hear from a major player... - Leigh Doyle BeatFM Radio, music producer.

"Bleedin Deadly"

The best bleedin band I`v seen, bleedin deadly.
From a fan outside the Legal Eagle, Dublin, after an all age afternoon gig. - Fan Words

"See the Fans"

See the Fans words on fiendishfriendsoffranticstate - Myspace


Demo 5 track, recorded in England, under the production supervision of Ben Finlay (Realworld Studios), and Pol Brennan (Clannad). Air Play on WLRFM, KCLR, Featured on TnaG Pop Programme.

VINDICATE recorded with Ben Finlay in Frome UK, had FRANTIC STATE in the top 10 most requested tracks on US College web radio One Night At McSorleys for the last 3 months of 2006, streamed from LA to Washington DC, courtesy of Lee Templeton.

Second EP Demo recorded with Leo Pearson in summer 2006.

At present in preproduction with Leo on some more sounds.

Selected to perform at the Hop Press First Cut Sessions in Wexford Arts Centre on Friday 13th July 2007.

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Frantic State was concieved in a school yard in Thomastown, Kilkenny, Ireland in 2004, four like minded guys who had similar intrests in music. So they got together and formed a band, no different from hundreds of other people, but these guys were serious. Each had a natural aptitude but no previous experience playing in a band, so the adventure began. A jamming building was found and secured, and then it began to develope, cover versions were practised and made perfect in performance. But something was not right, the guys wanted their own style, and began to write their own material, the foundation was set. In the past 18 months they have played numerous gigs in clubs and venues in Irelands supporting on other occasions bands such as Snowpatrol, Republic of Loose etc.. other artists - John Marytn, Elanor Shanley (slight contrast in style in that, but the audience loved them), The Live Frantic State gig is unique, with superb instrumentalist and a strong lead vocal, this takes some older audience members back to the heydey of rock, the golden years of performance, when there as a communication between band and followers, not the static state of some artists and bands of today. Mixed in with the bands original music are covers of music by RHCP, Nelly Furtados "Man Eater", T.Rex, Black Sabbath, Queen, etc.. As a band they canot be put into any style thats convenient, with sounds akin to a mix of the Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, Kaiser Chiefs, Stone Roses etc.., it can`t be classed or defined as any style but their own. They have performed in Irelands best known venues (Eamon Dorans, Sugar Club, Carrolls, Murphys Bar EVGB`s , Zoo, etc..) and have left the audience gagging for more on each occasion. Hailed by everyone, Frantic State can only go forward. They work hard and practice to perfection midweek, and gig at the weekends. Still young (average age 20) thay are still developing and maturing their style. With a play list of 25 of their own compositions, and more coming, but these are not performed until its perfect. Adding to this, the band has restructured the music, and given the sound a modern lift. and this. A new demo was recorded in August 2006, the music is sharper, crisper, heavier and more to the core of modern alternative sounds..

Yeah, so rolling on in 2007, the band are starting to get to grips with the scene, the imaturity of the young pretenders has developed into the real belief that something is going right, the composing is getting better, the sound has become unique, and the lyrics are there to be heard. The notice has come, with fans afar afield as Mexico City and north to a village in Ontario, and messages from LA to NY to whatever part of the globe you can mention. And also the industry has opened its eyes. The big prize so far in 2007 was a request to support RACINE fronted by Wendy James (former TRANSVISION VAMP vox) in Whelans on Wexford St D2, the gig was electric, not bad for a group of 19 to 20 year olds. But as one Liverpudlian stated "..anyone can play rock music, but only a few do it properly..", and we know that FRANTIC STATE are in that few........ (to be continued..)