Franzschubert & The Schuubs

Franzschubert & The Schuubs


Rock music that's more fun than a basket of cobra and sharks.


Originally an in-studio only project, Franzschubert was created in 2002 by musician/composer Andrew Lipke and visual artist/musician Ian Jarvis as an experiment in genre bending, goofiness and modern music. Our unabashed collaborative spirit allows us to explore any of our favorite of musical styles and influences, while our work ethic guides us to maintain consistency and a unique sound. We call it "Friend Rock"… we figure that just means it's such fun music that you'll want to hang out with; maybe buy it a beer? Your call. After weeks and months of writing and recording, we had "BUMP!," our first album.

We played it for some friends and gave a unch of cds away and when the demand became enticing enough, we formed a band with a handful of Philadelphias most talented musicians. We dubbed them The Schuubs (pronounced SHOOBS) and off we went to play an ever increasing number of incredibly fun, inspiring shows. We keep it local, playing mostly in Philly when not working on recordings, but we've played at most of the important venues in Philly, even landing what became a nearly 2 year residency at the famous World Cafe Live. We'd bust out limbo sticks and hula hoops and encourage the audience to do tricks and play games, all for the love of the party and perhaps some Skittles or a Reeses. Occasionally we'll invite the audience to stump us with a cover song we've never played before… we call it The Great Schuub Challenge. This evolved out us playing as long a show as possible, often up to 4 hours without a break, and filling time with extended jams and a wealth of covers – from unkonwn favorites to Top 40 hits – interwoven with all our original material.

After a few years of playing around town and in NYC and NJ, Andrew and Ian returned to the studio to record the second album, which dropped in 2007: Little Lamb-O's Birthday Party. This album is a semi-conceptual piece represented by a thru-composed instrumental broken into 4 parts and dispresed among the individual songs on the album. On his 21st birthday, Lamb-O, a 2-headed lamb (Ian), wishes for he and his barnyard pals (Andrew and the Schuubs) would become human for his birthday. The wish comes true in an anthropomorphic sort of way and they go on to have a really awesome day. The music on the album unrelated to the concept aspect is a continuation of our exploration of various genres and influences.

Over the past year, the band has taken a hiatus for mostly personal reasons, but we come out of hibernation – playing so tightly, it's as if we'd never spent a day apart – to rock some gig or another. We love playing together; straight and simple and we will continue to do it until it stops being enjoyable.

Andrew and Ian are in the development stages of the 3rd album that is going to take the sound further than anything up until now. We have some very interesting plans for the next album… it is going to get very interesting.


Papa Of The Baby

Written By: Jarvis/Lipke

I wanna' be the papa to my baby's mama's baby
I wanna' take my baby to the zoo
I wanna' be the papa to my baby's mama's baby
You know I love my baby, boo

I wanna' show my baby everything there is to see
Oooh, I wanna show my baby me

I wanna' be the papa to my baby's mama's baby
I wanna bake my baby baby pies
I wanna' be the papa to my baby's mama's baby
I wanna keep my baby free of lies
(Don't tell me no more lies)

I wanna' tell my baby everything there is to know
Damn, I love that baby yo

My baby's so sweet,
Like a cotton candy apple tree
I wanna' throw a tea party
For the rest of my life

I wanna' be the papa to my baby's mama's baby
I wanna' fly my baby to the moon
I wanna' be the papa to my baby's mama's baby
I wanna sing my baby tune

I wanna show my baby the world we're standing on
My baby is the bomb

My baby's so sweet
Like a blue and yellow, purple, green
Bouncing on a trampoline
Never felt so right

I wanna' be the papa to my baby's mama's baby
I wanna buy my baby all the toys
I wanna' be the papa to my baby's mama's baby
"Baby, lick that ice cream off your mouth!"

I wanna take my baby everywhere there is to be
Everywhere I plant a baby tree

My baby's so sweet
Like a choclate-covered honeybee
Sure sounds mighty sweet to me
Buzzin in my mouth

I'm talkin' 'bout my baby's mama

Flappa' Wing

Written By: Jarvis/Lipke

When I get the feeling in my fingertips
Grab your little legs
Raise them up to my lips
Put 'em in my mouth
Makes me burn my tongue
Tastes so hot

Drip drip drip drippin' on my nappy-kin
Hot mess in my mouth
Runnin' down my chin
Heatin' up my mind
Wipe the sweat off my brow
Nothing like the pork meat
Nothing like cow (moo)

So meaty
Such a treat to see you spread out on my plate
Hot damn
Stop on a dime
Ten times my delight
Every Tuesday night, I'll eat ya'

Flap y' wings, like a buffalo (rep. 4x)

Tearin' that flesh with my pearly teeth
Face burnin' so hot
Got me beggin' you "please!"
Baby gimme' green stick for a little relief
I'm gonna' dip it on down in your chunky cheese

Gonna' dip it on down
Dip it on down, dip it on down
Dip it, dip it, down, down, dip it, dip it on

I can't seem to get you off my mind baby
No matter how I try
I can't stay satisfied
Can't keep from lovin' you
Red hot, no never blue
Show my how you

Flap y' wings, like a buffalo (rep. 4x)

My meaty fun makes a pile of bones
Wash it down with some Boone's
Break bonds with the beans
And the filthy, hot bologne

Only poultry gets me buzzin' on the tryptophan
When I go to sleep
Hook it up to vein
Poultry is the only thing that pleases me
Never teases me
never uses me
Or abuses me
Confuses me
It comforts me
Cuddles me
Loves me
Miss me
Kiss me
Me, me, me, me, me, me
(startled chicken sound)

Flap y' wings, like a buffalo (rep.>end)

Schubert Beach

Written By: Jarvis/Lipke

Hot sun
Sweaty buns
Bikini girlies in the sand
Shine, shine
No tan line
Dancin' to the Wee-Num Band

Beach Ball
A thousand girls, no attitude
Jamaican Rum
Come and eat my barbeque

It's spicy, so spicy
It's spicy, so spicy
It's spicy, so spicy
So spicy it's nicey

Come to me sweet red head lady
And bring along your brunette friend
Let us bathe in all your beauty
Jacuzzi bubbles never end

Oh-oh, I like Schubert Beach
Oh-oh, I like Schubert Beach

Kickin' it to the girls at the Schubert
(Hey-ho-oh, beach party)

Dancin' in the hot sand at the Schubert
(Hey-ho-oh, beach party)

Struttin' some barbeque at the Schubert
(Hey-ho-oh, beach party)

40 pound lobster tails at the Schubert
(Hey-ho-oh, beach party)

Sippin' rum coconuts at the Schubert
(Hey-ho-oh, beach party)

Lettin' my balls hang free at the Schubert
(Hey-ho-oh, beach party)

Smokin' banana splits at the Schubert
(Hey-ho-oh, beach party)

Even my mama dance at the Schubert
(Hey-ho-oh, beach party)

Oh, stealin' bikini tops at the Schubert
(Hey-ho-oh, beach party)

Excitement never stops at the Schubert
(Hey-ho-oh, beach party)

Throwing menage a trois at the Schubert
(Hey-ho-oh, beach party)

Partying all the time and forever, yeah!

Oh-oh, I like Schubert Beach


Bump! (2005)
Little Lambo's Birthday (2008)
Schuub III (tentative title; unreleased)

Set List

Spanish Girl
Mt. Holler
Papa of the Baby
Schubert Beach
Dance Planet
We're All Die
Spy Girl
Sad Puppy
Pirate Song
Red Hot Lava
Ancient Bunny
Oh No Yea
The Littlest Horsie
Vampire Girl
Flappa Wing

Black Dong Sawyer (Black Dog: Led Zepplin & Tom Sawyer: Rush)
Jump Jump (Van Halen & The Pointer Sisters)
Sugar Sugar>Pour Some On Me (The Archies & Def Leppard)
Thank You Layla's Friend (Derek & The Dominos & The Golden Girls TV theme song)
Friend Suite (Nasty Boys: Janet Jackson & Lean On Me: Bill Withers)

Apache (Sugarhill Gang)
Ace Of Spades (Motorhead)
Africa (Toto)
The Alleycat (traditional swing)
American Girl (Tom Petty)
On Our Own (Bobby Brown)
You�re the Best (Joe "Bean" Esposito)
Don�t Fear The Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult)
Burning Down The House (Taking Heads)
Fire on the Mountain (Grateful Dead)
Girl (Beck)
Happy Organ (Dave "Baby" Cortez))